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Dear Friend,

First let me take this opportunity to say thank you for taking a moment to stop by and “sit” on my porch. This web site was inspired a few years ago by my son, Drew. Drew asked me a simple question; “What is something you are passionate about?” Thus, the birth of “Thoughts From The  Porch.”

Over the years, I have learned what it means to be in tuned to God in ALL that I do and everywhere I go. When in tuned to God’s voice, the blessings just come raining down.  It is because of the life God has blessed me that I want to pay it forward and share his wonderful love and grace to “all the world.”

Love God

I am a Georgia native who was born in Athens, Georgia into a Methodist Minister’s home. Through my growing up in a minister’s home, God blessed me with many people who taught me a lot about love, grace and life.


In 1983, I met my husband of 33 years as of this November, 2018  at Lake Junaluska, NC. We worked on summer staff at Junaluska and then when summer ended put our relationship in God’s hands. After two and a half years of long distance phone calls, many letters and visits once a month (no cell phone, computers, social media back in those days), we were married in November of 1985.


We have one son, Drew who is married and resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Megan. They have a precious girl Campbell. Megan and Drew are expecting a son that is to arrive late July/early August. Both Megan and Drew are in Social Media Marketing. You can check out Drew’s link, Brain Wads. You can find his link under “Chairs on My Porch” on my Home Page. 



Jim and I have two four-legged children. We have a twelve-year old black lab named, Tori. She is primarily Jim’s dog. Tori enjoys hanging out with Jim when he is working out in the garage. 

Then we have Smokey who is a seven-year old shih tzu/bischon frise.



Smokey is primarily my dog.  I rescued him but in the grand scheme of things he has rescued me in many ways.  Smokey and I did pet therapy for over a year and a half at our local hospital.  It was such a blessing for us each week to visit not just patients but family members of patients and the employees of the hospital. 

Smokey is now retired from being a documented service dog for me.  He has been there for me when life seemed to be swirling around me. When I first adopted Smokey he was just to be a companion but as life evolved, his purpose in my life also evolved.  And,  life has come full circle. Now, Smokey enjoys being my companion at home.  Retirement seems to be agreeing with Smokey.  He loves sitting in Jim’s recliner and watching television. (And, this is no exaggeration!) 

eye of love

Throughout  the years, God has blessed me. Yes, there are trials at times but it is in those trials where God blesses me the most. I know no matter how difficult life can be  God is molding me more into his likeness.

2018 will mark Jim and I living in Owensboro for twenty-eight  years. I tell people that I am from the South where the tea is sweet and the people are even sweeter. Georgia is and always will be on my mind and home. 


Again, thank you for stopping by and may you receive MANY blessings on your faith journey.  I encourage you to use the comment section as a guest book sign in. I love to see who has visited my porch. 





mom and dad trip.jpg

I dedicate ‘Thoughts From The Porch’ to my late mom, Jackie Hill.  Along with my son, Drew encouraging me to write, Mom was always encouraging me in my endeavors. Mom lost her battle with cancer December, 2016.

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