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Dear Friend,

First let me take this opportunity to say thank you for taking a moment to stop by and “sit” on my porch. This web site was inspired a few years ago by my son, Drew. He sent me an email one day and  asked me a simple question; “What is something you are passionate about?” Thus, the birth of “Thoughts From The  Porch.”

I chose the title, Thoughts From The Porch because of the sweet memories of sitting on porches of friends, family and neighbors.  It was these visits on porches where I was mentored, had some good belly laughs of funny stories and where one person would listen to another’s story. I have seen and experienced lives transformed while visiting on porches. 

Over the years, I have learned what it means to be in tuned to God in ALL that I do and everywhere I go. When in tuned to God’s voice, the blessings just come raining down.  It is because of the life God has blessed me that I want to pay it forward and share his wonderful love and grace to “all the world.”I have created this site where anyone can come and simply sit with  Jesus and be encouraged.  

eye of love

One of my slogans is that I am a Southern girl who loves the South where the tea is sweet but the people are even sweeter! I am thankful to God for the sweet people He has placed in my life that have influenced my Christian faith and encouraged me as I journey through this world. 

Now, let me encourage you to grab a glass of sweet tea or a cup of coffee and simply be still. Breathe out the busyness of this world and allow yourself to simply breathe in God’s mighty presence. 





mom and dad trip.jpg

I dedicate ‘Thoughts From The Porch’ to my late mom, Jackie Hill.  Along with my son, Drew encouraging me to write, Mom was always encouraging me in my endeavors. Mom lost her battle with cancer December, 2016.

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