Dear Friends,

Welcome to my blog site, “Thoughts From The Porch.”  The name of my site comes from my love of porches. I grew up sitting on many porches enjoying good fellowship. These times of fellowship sometimes included good food, a cold Coke or iced tea. There have also been times there was no conversation just a moment being still and  sitting on the porch where all I  could hear was the sound of nature singing around me and the occasional sound of the squeak the rocking chair and/or swing made as it cradled back and forth.

We live in a very busy world. It seems that we are inundated with constant noise and to-do list.  We feel as though we have not accomplished something if we sit still.  This blog site is set up for you to stop, pause, take a deep breath, and allow God to renew and refresh you.

If you haven’t accepted Christ into your life, I extend the invitation to you to become a part of this wonderful family. The ‘Plan of Salvation’ is on the sidebar for you to watch.  I pray that you will make this decision so that I can meet you one day on our Father’s porch in our eternal home. 

Grab a Coke or a cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and spend a few minutes at the feet of Jesus. May God bless you as you journey in the days ahead. 

Again, thank you for visiting my porch. Please come back again.







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