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Remember Who You Are

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possessions, that you declare praises

of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

1 Peter 2:6


Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are. Growing up in a minister’s home, these words were often to spoken to me as I would go out with friends or when I would be out with my family. Those spoken words meant behave yourself, use your manners and know that people are watching you.  In other words, my identity and reputation would be defined by my actions and by the words I would say.

Fast Forward

In 1987, I became a mom to a precious little boy named Drew. As I began to raise him and send him out, I soon heard my mom coming out of my mouth as he would leave the house. Remember who you are I would say to Drew as he would head out the door.  These words were spoken even more often as he began to drive, date and do more things without Jim and I around.

One evening, Drew asked why we kept repeating this phrase before he would leave the house. Jim and I explained that when he is out and about he is representing our home and what we stand for and what we don’t tolerate as a family. We also explained that we live in a small town and chances are we will know where he had been before he got home. Yes, we did know where he was and who with before he returned home on several occasions. Jim and I also explained that it is important of being mindful of how one acts and what one says because it also shows his  heart  condition and what he believed.

Drew is now grown with his own family. He and his wife have just had a  precious baby girl, Campbell over a month ago. As Jim and I watch Drew and Megan with Campbell, we can’t help not only hear the words of what we said to Drew as we raised him but also the voices of our parents are even stronger. The words, remember who you are seem to be even louder for me these days.


"The cross before me, the world behind me."

“The cross before me, the world behind me.”

As of recent Jim and I watch very little “new” programs on television. Just last night the television was on and we had tuned into a sitcom we thought would be entertaining. After about five minutes into it, we looked at each other and said, what is this world coming to? As we spit these words out of our mouths, we looked at each other and there was a moment of silence.

Jim and I began to talk about how the world is so much different from it was when we were growing up. We were both born in the mid 1960’s, grew up in the seventies and graduated high school in the early 1980’s.  Back then our grandparents thought the world was going crazy.  Yet, I look back now and see how much simple life was than it is now.

It seems we have forgotten who we are, whose we are, what is right and as Christians we are facing intolerance of our faith. Not only are Christians facing intolerance of their faith but they are facing  pressures to conform to this world.  As I write this I am reminded of Romans 12:2

Do not conform to this pattern of this world

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Turning From The Faith


This past Sunday in Sunday School. We looked at Daniel 1:1-7. In this passage we learn of how God has handed King Nebuchadnezzar Judah.  In the process of this siege,  Nebuchadnezzar has ordered for the  young men from the royal family and noble families of the Israelites to be brought to serve in his court. The qualifications of these you men were they had to be   good-looking and who would most likely conform to his instructions and way of life.

It was the King’s plan to change these young men to conform to his rules, his lifestyle and to forget who they were meaning to take God out of their lives. Nebuchadnezzer expected these young men to bow to his gods. He went as far changing the names of these young men.  Their current names were names that represented God thus the need to change their names.

Through this process, the King ran into a snag. The snag was Daniel. Daniel refused to conform to the King’s ways. He refused to eat the same food as the King and to bow down to the King’s gods. As you read the book of Daniel, you will see where God showed up, used Daniel to turn the King’s heart around.

There Will Be A Day


In my NIV Life Application Bible, Matthew 24’s sub heading is Jesus Teaches About the Future.  In the beginning of this chapter, Jesus comes out of the temple and the disciples call Jesus over to admire structure of the temple. They are impressed with the architecture. Yet, Jesus tells them the building is only temporary. As Matthew 24 continues Jesus warns the disciples ( including us) about there will come a time of false prophets, deception, Nation will rise against nation, and there will be famines. Jesus went on to explain to the disciples that they and we as Christians will be hated because of Him. Then in Matthew 24:13 he says what I believe is the most pivotal and important phrase, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

Standing Firm


It seems these days there is so much going on. People doing things out of greed, out for themselves, no concern for fellow-man, and manners seemed to be a thing of the past. I see families against one another and the list goes on. If you are on any type of social media you see such things every day. Our television shows and news also reflect this culture that has been created.  Thus, all the more reason that we as Christians need to stand firm in what we believe. Each morning when we rise,  we  need to pray for wisdom, guidance and discernment. Just as Daniel stood firm in his faith we must stand firm in ours.

Remember Who You Are


Yes, as a child my mom would remind me each time I left the house to remember who I was and how my actions spoke loudly to those I would encounter. Today, as I go out and about my business, I realize even more so the importance of remembering who I am and who I represent. I don’t just represent my personal home and family but I represent God’s Kingdom.

1Peter 2:9 tells us that we are a chosen people and  a royal priesthood.  Each one of us  made the decision to step out of darkness and ways of the world to step into the light of Christ and represent His kingdom.  It is my prayer as we go through the Christmas Season that we remember who we are and whose we are and that our words and actions demonstrate who we stand for and what we don’t stand for.  Let there be no question of who we are in this world.

Christmas Memories

Christmas Blessings


Passing The Torch

Olympic Flame 12

“Let light shine out of darkness.” 2 Corinthians 4:6

Every four years, we get all excited because the most spectacular sporting event takes place with world-class athletes. This event is known as the Olympics. As preparations are made for the Olympics the excitement and build up to the competitions is the torch being carried from city to city across the world until it arrives at its destination of the host city. Once the torch with the flame arrives to its destination, cheers and applause echo in lieu of what is about to take place in the days ahead.

In the yard of Winterville United Methodist Church, Winterville, Georgia,  forty-seven years ago, my Dad accepted a call to carry a torch. This torch was the flame of Jesus Christ, God’s grace, and love. As he took hold of this torch he also accepted the Great Commission of becoming a disciple and in the process making others disciples for Christ. For forty-seven years, my father has taken this torch from church to church and community to community sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

On June 19, 2011, my father will hand the torch over to the new disciples to carry on with spreading Good News! Although, he will be handing over the ‘official torch’, I am confident that Dad will continue to carry the torch of God’s grace and love into the next phase of his life. Just as the Olympic torch is never put out, neither is the torch for Jesus Christ.

Once the  ultimate flame for Christ is lit within the depths of the soul, it desires to be shared and passed on. Yes, many years ago my Dad accepted the challenge to carry the torch for Jesus Christ. But, it is not only up to our ministers to make sure the flame for Jesus Christ to stay lit and passed on. It is up to each of us as followers of Christ to carry that flame and light the lives of others with the message of Christ’s love and grace. There is no doubt that there are cheers in heaven each time the torch for Christ is lit and passed to another person’s life and soul.

Just as my Dad accepted his call many years ago in a small church, there are many who are being called to carry Christ’s torch and this will continue until it is time for the most spectacular and awesome event takes place. This event is known as Christ coming back to earth to claim His champions.

Dr. CR Hill, Jr

Congratulations to my father for his forty-seven years of ministry. May he know that as he says his last ‘official Amen’ on June 19th that his family along with other believers proudly picks up the torch and carries it out into the world continuing to share the love and grace of Christ. There is no greater honor!


Light In The Storm

"This little light of mine; I'm going to let it shine!'


As Jim and I sat watching the winter storm via the Weather Channel that was beginning to blast Chicago, Jim was on the phone with our son, Drew, who lives in Chitown.  Not only was Jim telling Drew what the weather guys were reporting but he was also  advising Drew on what to do if he were to lose power. 

As Jim, was giving Drew advice on what to do if he were to lose power, our lights began to flicker. Ok, they flickered once, then twice, and then they were out! Boy, what an ironic turn of events. Drew in Chicago enduring a historical blizzard and we’re here in Owensboro with 50 degree weather and lose power! Admittedly, we were having some very high wind which can cause a power outage. As Jim and I sat in the dark, we looked at  each other and laughed at the ironic turn of events.For a few moments, the only light we had was the light from my computer screen.

Picking up the laptop, I navigated using its light to go to the laundry room to find our battery operated lantern and some candles. Little by little, I began to light candles around the house, and locating the flash lights. As each candle was lit, the light began to glow and the room became brighter.

There are people around us that are walking around in the dark every day. No, it is not because they are deprived from having the physical light or electricity. But, it is because they do  not know the greatest love story of Jesus Christ. As believers and followers of Christ, it is our responsibility to share the light of Christ with others. 

When I began my web site, Drew encouraged me to develop a theme/purpose for my site. So, I began to think about what I was writing and why I was writing.  In my heart, I knew I wanted to touch lives and share the light of Christ via the internet. Thus, I chose Matthew 5:14You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden’  to be my purpose and scripture for “April’s Faith Thoughts.”  You can see this scripture at the top of my Home Page.

Not only were people experiencing a winter storm in Chicago and in many other areas in the United States. But, there are many people who are experiencing personal winter storms. These storms may be so bad to the point that they have a power outage feeling as though God has abandonded them. Or, maybe they have never been shown the light and love of Christ and they need to see that bright glow of hope.

God did not create any of us to sit in the dark. Just as Jim advised Drew of what to do in case the lights went out, God has given us clear instructions through His Word of how to keep our light shinning and how to share it with others.  Today, follow God’s advice and allow His light shine through you for others to see and experience.


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