My Soul Provider

heart and crown

June 19, 1989 Michael Bolton released the hit song, Soul Provider. This song is about a guy who wants to provide all of his love’s needs. He says he will wait patiently  and will hold their heart in his hand.  Although the song, Soul Provider was and is a good song, this is not about Michael Bolton nor his hit song. (Sorry about putting that ear worm in  your ear. I do hear that chewing gum does get rid of ear worms. )

Christmas Night


Of recent, I have seen God’s provision at work for me. I don’t mean the daily roof over the head, food on the table and other necessities of life being met but His provision for my soul.  The last month has been a bumpy ride for me. If you read my previous post, Fearless, you will know my mom lost her battle with cancer. Thus, there has been a lot on my mind as I try to comprehend and accept all that has happened.


There are times when you look back and see God’s provision. In my case, this would be this past Christmas night. Jim and I pull out of the hospital  parking deck of the hospital after spending the day with my mom and having an improvised Christmas celebration with my family at her bedside.  Jim begins to asks me where do I want to eat. Keep in mind it is Christmas Day night and the chances of finding something good to eat open were probably slim. Yet, we were determined to find anything but a McDonald’s or a Waffle House since that had been what we had lived off of for the last couple days.

After passing many exits and scouting for places with their lights on, we find a TGIFriday’s and it is open! We pulled into the parking lot and due to the few choices of places to park  we see that we might be there a while. Jim and I enter into the restaurant and we put our names on the wait list. The hostess tells us it will be a half hour to forty-five minutes before we are seated. We were okay with that as long as we could get a good meal.

Then It Happened


Jim and I found a place to lean as we waited for our table. To kill some time, we both pulled out our phones to catch up on messages. However, we barely got to the first set of messages and a young man comes up and calls our name and party number. Jim and I were stunned we were getting seated after only ten minutes and there were others ahead of us.

It was within a matter of seconds that a beautiful young lady came up and introduced herself and said she would be our server. As she introduced herself, she looked at us with such grace and said, “can I get you two a glass of sweet tea?” We both nodded in agreement that a cold glass of sweet tea would be much appreciated.


Our server returned with our drinks and began to take our order. Again, she apologized that it might be a wait due to the crowd and the orders ahead of us. Jim and I told her we were okay and we understood. Yet, in a matter of minutes our food was at our table and it was steaming hot. Again, Jim and I look at each other acknowledging God was looking out for us.

Jim and I  joined hands and said our blessing and began to enjoy the flavors of our steaks and all that went with it. As we enjoyed our meal, we would realize there was something we needed and before we could even ask for the item it was already being brought to our table by our server or her helper. Our needs were met without us having to really ask for anything.

As we left the restaurant, I told Jim we just experienced God throughout the entire time. We both looked back at the sequence of how things unfolded as we enjoyed our Christmas night dinner. I asked Jim  if he thought  that it was odd that our servers knew what we needed or wanted before we asked but yet then again was it odd? We looked at each other and smiled. We knew God had known our needs even before we knew what they were and He provided.



This past weekend marked a month of laying my mom to rest. It was also Jim’s weekend for hospital duty. I dreaded the weekend with passion.  Jim and I live about six hours from my family  in Georgia and about two hours from his family in Louisville. I knew my brother was having a get together for his youngest son’s birthday and Dad would be going to join the fun. On Dad’s way, he would stop in downtown Atlanta to meet up with my son and great-granddaughter for a visit. Knowing all of this was taking place, Jim at work and us not having family here in the town we live, I began to throw myself a little pity party. I was homesick to the point I actually felt sick to my stomach. It was just Smokey {my sidekick and service dog} and me and the house was too quiet.

Trying to keep my mind busy, I would read and attempted to knock out some chores around the house. Yet, the heartache of being away from my family, Jim being at work and it being a month since I said good-bye to Mom, my heart broke all the more. It was one of those get the ice cream out of the freezer with no need to scope  but to only eat it with a spoon out of a container while binge watching Gilmore Girls. 

Jim had called me while on his lunch as he usually does and I told him how my heart ached and the loneliness I felt. He did the best he could to console me but he knew that what I was feeling is only something time and God could heal.


Then it happened again! God showed up! God provided! about forty-five minutes after I talked with Jim on the phone, a friend sends me a text, ” Are you going to be home around 2:30? We have a cake to bring to you. I replied back that I would indeed be home.

As I finished picking up around the family room, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there stood a dear friend from church/Bible Study with her mom holding what I consider a very big cake for two people. But it wasn’t the cake that overwhelmed me. It was the smiles on their faces they had as I greeted them at the door. You know the kind of smiles where you don’t just see the smiles but you see the light of Christ in the smiles. Yep, it was one of those moments. Though the visit was short, my spirits were lifted. Again, God provided just what my soul needed.

Sunday Morning


Sunday morning arrives and again Jim is off to work at the hospital. I get myself up and ready for Sunday School and worship. My heart still working through my grief I knew Sunday School and worship was what I needed.

As our worship came to a close with the Gospel being presented and the altar call, a child of one of the gals in my Wednesday Night Bible Study went up to profess his faith and to request to be baptized. I think this child would have gone on up and jumped into the baptismal font clothes and all at that moment. He was so excited about his new life with Christ! To see that enthusiasm for God warmed my heart. Yet something else happened that personally warmed my heart.

After the closing prayer, this young man and his mom were asked to stand up front at the altar for the church family to congratulate and welcome this young child into the congregation and most of all welcome him into God’s Kingdom of believers. While I was standing in line waiting my turn one of the ladies I had been in Bible Study with began to talk to me and then all of sudden she embraced me with the most loving hug. She began to tell me what I meant to her and how she loved me. At first I didn’t know, how to respond but then I asked if all was going okay with her. We chatted a few minutes as we made our way through the line.

Once I got home, I immediately messaged this sweet gal that grabbed and hugged me. I told her I needed that hug because it had been a rough weekend for me. I told her it was a month to the day that I was sitting in my mom’s funeral.  She messaged me back saying she just suddenly felt the urge she had to hug me. Again, God was at work using someone I knew to bring me comfort and letting me know how much He loves me.

Along with what happened on Christmas Day, the cake and smiles arriving at my front door and the hug at church, I have been leading the study, Redeemed by Angela Thomas-Pharr. The scriptures for the last two weeks have been exactly what I needed. In this week’s video session, she discusses justification, sanctification and glorification of redemption. As she explained glorification, it brought comfort to my heart knowing that Mom is now fully redeemed and she is with her King. It is through my salvation that I will be with her again one day. Does that completely take the homesickness and the hurt that is so raw away? No, but it gives me that blessed assurance of the love and grace God has given me. It reminds me that God is walking with me in this storm and to continue to seek the blessings He puts in my path.

Our Soul Provider


There may be a time where you are going through life’s storm. You wonder where you will get the strength to take that next step forward. You will have had nothing but Waffle House, McDonald’s, hospital food or whatever else you can find in a vending machine and you long for that hot meal with a glass of sweet tea. Maybe you are sitting at home in silence at your wit’s end indulging in that carton of ice cream while binge watching Gilmore Girls. Whatever the need your soul longs for God is there and He is taking care of those needs. You may not realize it right now but there will be a day you will look back and see that God was providing all along. Those things that happen that some people all coincidence are not coincidence they are divine interventions of God taking care of your soul.

Paul reminds us in Philippians 4:19 that God will meet all of our needs according to his glorious riches in Christ. Matthew 11:28 Jesus says, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”  Psalm 147:4 says, “He counts the number of the stars, He gives names to all of them. What a blessed assurance that we have a Father who meets our needs, who longs for us to come to Him when we are weary, and just like He names the stars, He knows our name and longs to be our soul provider and holds our hearts in His hand.



I Asked For A Pig but Got A Dog

“In His time, He makes ALL things beautiful.”

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.”  Ecclesiastes 3:1

2004-2006 Solara in Black Onyx

Toyota Solara

In a couple of months, the hubby will be turning 50. Yes, that magical number of what we call mid-life crisis. I, on the other hand, have two more years before approaching such a crisis in my life. The hubby has longed for a convertible. His choice in convertibles has always centered on a Miata.  I, on the other hand, could not grasp the concept of driving down the interstate in a roller skate. Thus, I began my search of convertibles of heavier weight. In this search, I found our newest car ( at least to us) a Toyota Solara. It was the perfect match for us. A heavier car, a car that can be a classic because they are no longer manufactured and it was a convertible that would scratch that mid-life crisis itch.

Now, for me on the other hand, I don’t foresee any mid-life crisis cravings or behaviors taking place anytime soon. ( If you believe that, I have some land in Florida I will gladly sell ya!) For the last couple of years, I have wanted what the hubby calls a “fluff” dog. Hubby, on the other hand, did not see the need for us to acquire such a dog since we have a four-year old lab already living with us. But, I told him the dog would be cheaper than therapy! Yet, I still got no where!

One day it came to me. Yes, I had a flashback of that old favorite sitcom of the 80’s, Designing Women. You may recall this show centered around the lives of four interior designers; four Southern women who lived in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  Along with these four women was a man by the name of Anthony who started out the series as a stranger to them on a Thanksgiving episode.  He started out as  their stock/delivery man to one day and, over time, his character develops into being one of their partners.

Now, you ask; “what does this have to do with mid-life crisis, a convertible and the title of this post, I Asked For a pig but  Got A Dog all have in common?” Well, I will tell ya.  We are all aware of the child’s game of asking for an elephant, a horse or some sort of animal of large proportion that would be impossible for most  people to obtain much less care for and then wearing the parents down to that dog, cat or gold-fish that they really wanted. Hey, I have seen work with kids so why not me with the hubby on the subject of a dog? Right?

One evening, as I strolled through the paper and then the internet looking for pups to adopt, the hubby walks in and asks; “what’s up?” My response was; “oh nothing.” I thought I would just look for a pig that is up for adoption since I can’t get a dog. At this moment, I thought he was going to choke on the ice water he had just swallowed. “A pig?” “Why a pig?” were the questions that followed after he got over that brain freeze and got his breath back from inhaling the ice water. My reply back to him was simple:

“Well, you remember the television show, Designing Women don’t ya?” ” I suddenly remember that Suzanne Sugarbaker  had a pet pig that was given to her by her house keeper.” “Suzanne, being the gracious Southern gal she was raised to be decided that this pig would not be put in the pen and raised for further consumption.” “But, Suzanne decided that this pig would be her beloved pet.” “I remember episodes of Suzanne and the pig coming in with matching scarves and such.” Suzanne loved that pig.” And, don’t you remember the episode when Suzanne asked Anthony to take the pig to the Dairy Queen in her convertible with the top down?” The hubby acknowledges that he remembers that episode and then quotes Anthony’s response; “I will do a lot of things for you, Suzanne, but I will NOT take no p-i-g to the Dairy Queen.” I replied back with arguing how I have heard pigs do make good pets. After all, I am a Southern girl from Atlanta, Georgia and why not a pig if I can’t have a dog?

Not long after this conversation that actually took place, the hubby and I were on the internet searching for a pup who needed a home. My criteria were that it would be a rescue dog. We weren’t on the internet long when the newest member of the family, Smokey,  popped up on the screen. It was seeing his picture when Jim called the rescue home and got the adoption process going. Two days later, we were driving forty miles to pick up not a pig but a sweet bischon/frise, shih tzu mix four-month old pup. I asked for a pig and got a dog! Smokey will never grow to be the size of a pig. Nor will he ever eat the amount of food as a pig but he has been one of  the biggest blessings and joy that God has sent my way.

Smokey also known as “Smokey Bear” and “Boss”
Sporting his Harley Davidson Jean Jacket and Woodstock bandana.

The moral of this story: There are times when we ask God for a pig, an elephant, or a thoroughbred horse but he does not give what we think we want or need. But, he does listen to our prayer and at the right moment and place the biggest blessing God sends our way may come in the smallest of packages.  Have you asked God for something and He said, “no”? But, somewhere in time, he fulfilled that need/want with a blessings and you were so ever grateful later that he didn’t send or give what you thought you needed or wanted? Goes to show that God knows our every need and want. It is in HIS time where the needs and wants will be filled and only in HIS way. Thus, making life all that more beautiful and full of wonder and glory.And my God shall supply ALL your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

God’s Timing

By the way, the other night it was the perfect Spring evening to go for a ride in the convertible. So, the hubby, Smokey and myself put the top down and went for a ride. We ended up at Dairy Queen where the hubby found himself not only buying ice cream for the two of us but also ice cream for Smokey.  Unfortunately, I forgot my phone and/or camera and did not get this first trip to Dairy Queen captured. But, I have a feeling as Spring and Summer progresses there will be ample opportunity.