Emmanuel….God IS With Us!

eye of love

One thing I ask from the LORD, 

this only do I seek;

that I may dwell in the house of the LORD

all of the days of my life,

to gaze on the beauty of the LORD

and to seek him in his temple.

Psalm 27:4

This psalm is about the anticipation of being in the presence of the LORD.  It is a reminder of how we should desire to live in the presence of God every day. With the desire of living in God’s presence every day and seeking God in ALL that we do, there is no doubt that we will experience God in ways and moments we would have never thought we would experience him.

God IS With Us

Over the last month I have heard carols being sung about the Messiah’s birth.  I am reminded of what the name Emmanuel means; God is with us.  As I sing and hear these carols and reflect on the words; God is with us, I see where God has been with me and how I have experienced his mighty presence over the last year. If you have read any of my previous writings like A Glimpse of Heaven, you will know that I believe that God does give us a little taste of  heaven and the affirmation that he is with us in ALL we do and experience.

As the year begins to come to an end, I wanted to share some of the moments I have experienced God the most this year.  In other words, God has given me just a glimpse of what heaven will be like when it is time for me to go to my eternal home.

Easter Sunday 2015

Our Baptism Easter Sunday April 5, 2015

Our Baptism
Easter Sunday
April 5, 2015

April baptism one

On Easter Sunday of this year, my husband and I were baptized by immersion. Yes, we have been believers most of our lives. Both raised in Christian homes and baptized as infants. Yet, Jim and I had been led to a Baptist church that was to be and has become our church home. As we made our decision  to make Macedonia our church home, we knew we would have to be baptized by immersion.  A lot of thought, searching the scriptures and prayer went into our decision.  So, on Easter Sunday, Jim and I stood before the congregation that would become our family, professed our faith and were baptized by immersion.

As I look back on this particular Sunday, I see where God gave me a glimpse of heaven. In the song, Baptism that is sung by Kenny Chesney and Randy Travis, there is a lyric that I am reminded of as I reflect on that special Sunday. The lyric is “I didn’t seen any angels just a few saints on the shore. ”  Each time I hear this song and it comes to this particular lyric I feel the embrace of the Holy Spirit that I felt as Pastor Dan raised me out of the water. In reflecting on my baptism on Easter Sunday, I  don’t see a congregation just looking on as Jim and I were baptized. What I do see are the saints on the shore just as they are described in this song.

My baptism on Easter Sunday gave me a glimpse of what it will be like as I arrive to my eternal home.  There will be angels there but there will also be saints. The saints are the people God placed in my life as I walked this earth. They are the people who mentored me in my faith, lived our their faith every day in everything they did. Just as I looked out from the baptistery on Eater Sunday and saw a family ready to embrace me, I see familiar faces, smiling and ready to embrace me once again to welcome me home.

Nassau Bahamas 2015

I Danced With an Angel


A little over a month ago Jim and I took a cruise to the Bahamas. It is a cruise that we have done several times before and never get tired of it. One of the destinations on this cruise is Nassau. Nassau has become one of our favorite places.  Jim and I like it not only for its beauty but for its people. Over the years and visits that we have made there, we always seem to experience God in the most unique ways.  As we have shopped in the straw market, we have heard testimony of faith and the love of God from venders. One year, we even saw the people have worship with song, prayer and testimony in the middle of the Straw Market before beginning their day.  We have had tour guides show us with pride the church they attend as they guided us through the history of the Bahamas.  Yet, this year to Nassau was unique not only because Jim and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary but because I experienced God and his Kingdom in the most amazing way. I danced with an angel.

Jim and I had been on a tour earlier in the day. As the shuttle was taking us back to the beginning point of our tour, I saw a few things that I wanted Jim and I to go back and look at on our own. My mind was on taking pictures, absorbing the spirit of Christmas in Nassau with their decorations, music being played on street corners and nativity scenes being displayed in front of churches.

Jim and I step off the shuttle and thank our driver. We look at each other as to where we wanted to begin our adventure on foot. As we walked down the street, we were drawn to the sound of a band playing. This band was playing Christmas carols and songs that Jim and I remembered from our years of Sunday School as children. The closer we got to the where the music was being played the more we found ourselves dancing down the street to be where the action was taking place.


There we were in a park area outside the straw market. Along with other tourist and locals Jim and I were enjoying the music and dancing along. Then, over to my right, I see this man. He probably had only one or two teeth in his head. However, he was singing and dancing along with everyone else. He was raising his hands to heaven praising God as the band played.  In the midst of the music and movement, I ended up beside this gentleman ( I say gentle because I sensed he had a gentle spirit about him).  Before I knew it, I was dancing and singing with this kind old man. As the song leader led the crowd in the song; Michael Rowed the Boat Ashore, this kind man took my hand with his and raised our hands towards heaven singing;  Jordan’s river is deep and wide, Hallelujah…And I’ve got a home on the other side, Hallelujah.  

DSCN2664 (2)

It was in that moment when I knew God had given me another glimpse of heaven. In heaven, we  will hold hands with fellow believers whether we knew them on earth or not and lift our voices in praise to our Father, our Creator, our God.  It was in this moment of  dancing and lifting my hands towards heaven with this man I had never met I felt the holy spirit embrace me once more.  Yes, “there are angels among us”.

The Angels Sing

Christmas Eve Worship 2015 two

Last week,  at Christmas Eve Candlelight  worship, I experienced another glimpse of heaven. Worship began with Christmas songs and greetings.  Along with the Christmas songs and greetings, we had communion along with our Pastor sharing the gospel and the meaning of Christmas. After our pastor spoke, the candles that each person held were soon lit and the congregation joined celebrating the birth of Christ with singing more carols.

As we sung the familiar Christmas song; O Holy Night, I closed my eyes. Further into the song, I heard extra voices especially while singing the words; “Oh hear the angels’ voices..”.  At first,  I didn’t think anything about the extra voices. I was sitting on the front row with many people behind me and the sanctuary being fairly full I thought that was what I was hearing. Yet, the next time we came to those words I knew I heard extra voices and voices unlike you hear in congregational singing.

I opened my eyes to look and see if there were people in the balcony because the voices sounded like they were coming from above me. However, there was no one in the balcony but the sound and audio technicians. As I turned back to continue to sing, I close my eyes again and I heard the extra voices coming in again on the song.  There is no doubt in my mind that the angels were singing and proclaiming Christ’s birth with us just as they did on that first Christmas.

Emmanuel…God IS With Us

Bible with heart

These are just a few moments that I wanted to share with you. As I have shared these moments with you, I am again reminded that God’s presence is with me at all times. It is up to me to desire to be in his presence, to acknowledge his presence and keep my heart, eyes and ears opened to experience his presence.

My New Year’s Wish For You

Christmas Eve Worship 2015

As the New Year approaches, I ask you to stop for a moment and reflect on this past year. Reflect on where and how you have experienced God in your life.  You may want to journal these experiences or share them with loved ones as you say good-bye to this year and hello to the New Year.  Most importantly, give God thanks and praise for these moments.

In the New Year, I challenge you to take Psalm 27:4 to heart.   As you go through your days, your weeks and months this year, seek God in ALL situations and in ALL that you do.  Emmanuel….God is with us!!

Take time to listen to the video

May you experience HIS presence as you walk through the New Year


What Will You Choose?

Granddaddy enjoying his family.

The Fall of 2013 I sat in an examining room  with my father-n-law and the rest of the family to only hear the words spoken; “we’ve done all that we can do” to this dear sweet man.  At that moment with a tear in his eye but with a smile on his face, my father-n-law took his sweet wife by the hand and said; ” we have had a wonderful life.” He was giving thanks in the midst of a storm that would not calm down but in days to come would only pick up momentum.


Once the doctor left the examining room, the PA threw her arms around my husband’s father and said; “there is always hope.  Hold on to hope.”  With that she left the room and we all looked at one another as to what we needed to do next. You see, these doctors visits were usually followed up with lunch at Skyline Chili. Yet, it was a moment we had to choose to either choose hope, joy and seek our blessings or choose to go home and just curl up in hopes the world would just go away.  This dear sweet man choose joy and hope. He announced we were still going to Skyline Chili and were going to enjoy being together as a family.


Each one of us will face a storm at some point and time.  As I have said in previous writings, God didn’t promise us perfect days but he has promised us A perfect day when we accept his SON, Jesus into our lives. When facing the storms in life we have two choices. We can react or we can respond.


Reacting to a situation could lead to some not so good consequences in the long run.  Out of our reacting, words can be said that should not really be said. The decisions we make may not be the best decision in the long wrong. Also, by reacting we choose to leave one important  person out of the picture, God. Thus, we begin to stumble and causing what is an already stressful situation into an even more stressful situation.


Responding to a situation means stepping back and seeing the whole picture of what is happening. It is sitting down and talking to the Father about how to ride the storm before us out and asking him to walk with us.  By choosing to respond we are choosing to seek the blessings despite the storm before us. We allow for grace to be at work in our lives and the light of God shine in our darkness.

life happening at once

Life is tough these days. There are days that are tougher than others.  We live in a time where wrong seems to be right and when you try to do right you are considered to be wrong.  It can make anyone to want to throw their hands up in the air and just simply give up. Yet, we know we must forge onward and forward. As followers of Christ, we know how the story ends and it is a beautiful ending.

heart and light

My prayer for us today is this:

May we choose to respond and not react when faced with life’s storms. May we choose joy, hope and seek the blessings God has planned for us even on the toughest of days.  Last but definitely not least, may we remember we have a Father who loves us and is walking with us.  And, if it gets too tough, he will carry us.  Remember, the imperfect days are preparing us for that PERFECT day.


The KING…….is still in the building

Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley better known as ‘The King of Rock n Roll’  is probably just as famous today if not more famous than when he was alive.  When I say he is just as or even more famous now, I can say it with confidence. I have a twenty-three year old niece who has been a huge Elvis fan all of her life. She and her dad have made pilgrimages to Graceland. She has many of his albums and I am sure she has a ‘few’ of his movies, too. 
 Being a child of the late sixties and growing up in the 70’s, I remember seeing Elvis perform on television and the ladies screaming and just wanting to touch him to say they touched him. Then, I remember hearing the news of his death on the evening of August 16, 1977. I was in the process of getting dressed to go out to dinner with friends from church when the news broke into whatever sporting event was on television to share the news of the ‘King’s” death. Oh, the heart breaks that went over the nation on this piece of news. Even today, the anniversary of his death is remembered for an entire week of Elvis movies on television and almost every radio on the airwaves will play an Elvis song in his memory.  Even to this day, you can pick up a tabloid magazine and somewhere there has been an Elvis sighting.
Yes, Elvis set the stage for rock-n-roll so that others like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber would only have to take the stage and change the rock-n-roll industry in not only in the areas of popularity but in music, too. But, when I think of a “KING”, I think of the one ‘true king.’  The one true king I speak of  knew how to draw a crowd. He had tax collectors climbing trees just to see Him. There were countless people who just wanted to touch his cloak. One lady in particular who had been bleeding for years, knew if she could only touch this ‘King’s” cloak that she would be healed.  She had  faith in this man who toured from town to town that in the midst of all the crowds. This lady was able to touch this man’s cloak and was healed! Oh, can you imagine how she danced her way home because she touched the “King”? I am confident there were shouts of praise and joy!
The King I speak of is the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  His Father’s book stays at the top of the best seller’s lists.  Yes, this ‘King’ is my king and I am His daughter. You are His daughter/son. He died on a cross for you, me for all our sins. He opened the door to the ultimate paradise so that we can be with our Creator.  There were dark clouds, the earth trembled and people mourned the day He was crucified. His death had a profound affect on the people of that day and on people of  today. We remember His life and death each year. This week of rememberance is Holy Week. But, we don’t just remember our King’s death, we remember what He did for us and that He did rise from the dead. On Easter, we celebrate the new life that our King gives us.
Yes, there were even sightings of Jesus after His death. Can you imagine what the front cover of a magazine would have been like back in that day. Headlines; “Christ crucified, dead and buried but there have been sightings of Him in the area.” First, Mary saw Him on the day of resurrection. Then, the disciples encountered Him on the Road to EmmausBut, when they first encountered Him they did not recognize Him. It was not until Jesus broke bread with them that their eyes were opened.   Jesus showed Himself to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias but they did not recognize Him until He instructed them to ‘cast their nets on the water.” 
When Christ ascended to heaven, He did not leave us totally alone.  But, He equipped the disciples, His followers/witnesses with the Holy Spirit to carry the gospel to all lands to all people. Though we may not see Christ in the physical sense, He is with us. Then, one day when the time is right, we will see Him on earth again!  In His coming, there will a new heaven and a new earth.  Elvis, performed many concerts and I am sure that he did many encores. Yet, all of his encores cannot and will not top the ultimate encore of Christ’s return.
At the end of Elvis’ concerts, the announcer would say; “Elvis has left the building.” This announcement is still used when the curtains come down on concerts and/or shows. We all have used this saying when tweeting, posting on Facebook or leaving someone a message as we leave from one destination to go to another. Elvis may have left the building but our precious ‘King of Kings’ is still in the building. He has never left us and He never will. ‘The KING is still in the building!”  Can’t you feel His holy presence?
May you experience His wonderful presence today and always.
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