Remember Who You Are

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God's special possessions, that you declare praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:6 Remember Who You Are Remember who you are. Growing up in a minister's home, these words were often to spoken to me... Continue Reading →


Don’t Let The Pirates Take You Down

On April 8, 2009 there was a cargo ship heading for Mombasa Kenya. The Captain of the Ship was Richard Phillips. The ship consisted of twenty crew members.  CNN breaks in with breaking news that this cargo ship had been boarded by modern-day pirates. For those of you who know your geography, you know that the... Continue Reading →

Can You Squeeze In A Little More?

Can You Squeeze In A Little More? Posted on December 27, 2010 by April [tweetmeme] When you read my post The Table Is Set,  I placed a picture of our family dining room table.  This table also holds very fond memories of my Mom’s mom.  Her name was Reba but us grandkids called her Rea.  This table belonged to Rea... Continue Reading →

Do You Pick Peas or Do You Just Stay Here?

[tweetmeme] Growing up in a minister's home gave many opportunities to meet many people and kindle many friendships. At one of our family's appointments, we had next door neighbors, the Allens, Mr. Cape and Ms. Sarah. Ms. Sarah had a  brother-n-law  that was a retired minister. Reverend Bill Brackman would come to visit Ms. Sarah... Continue Reading →

Breaking News….There is Victory!

Saturday morning,  I awoke to the news flashing across the screen Breaking News. The breaking news was more of our troops in Afghanistan had been killed. Thoughts of horror went through my head as I know of people with family members serving over there at this moment.  When these types of events take place, I think "what... Continue Reading →

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