Raising A Son to be A Hero

Yesterday, our son, Drew, posted on his Brain Wads about how time flies as he completes his first year of marking at DeMoss. In this post he shares thoughts on learning experiences since taking on this position, his personal growth as he has pursued his position at DeMoss and what he looks forward to in... Continue Reading →


Chili Dogs and Bullets. Just a Day at the Office.

Below is a guest post written by my son Drew about an experience he had a couple of years ago. It was part of my weekly routine. For just under two years, I had worked at Hinda Incentives, whose office was tucked into a neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. Sure, weird things happened... Continue Reading →

Living on a Prayer

"God, I ask that you place your angels of protection around Drew and Megan throughout the night tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. Walk with them and keep your angels of protection around them in their cars, parking lots, parking garages, the streets, street corners, the subway and subway stations, their buildings where they work,... Continue Reading →

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