Embraced By His Love


In the last few years, it seems more and more that I have had up close and personal contact with a friend and/or loved one who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Some of these friends/loved ones were not able to withstand the fight and have gone to their eternal home. Then, there are those who are reminded every day of their diagnoses as they comb their hair and it begins to fall. Yes, I even know a few who were lucky enough for the cancer cells to shrink or maybe even go away. No matter the stage and fate of cancer, it not only affects its victim but it affects the entire inner circle of family and friends.

This morning on my way to bible study, I heard the song, I’m Gonna Love You Through It by Martina McBride. In this song she shares how one’s husband will hold and love his wife as she fights the battle that has been placed before her. As I listened to the lyrics of the song, I thought about the loved ones and friends that I have known that have and still are battling cancer. Just as one person states in the Martina McBride video, ‘it doesn’t just affect the person who is diagnosed but it affects everyone.’

Sometimes, I have seen the patient deal with the diagnoses better than the loved ones who are caring for the patient. There are times of anger, worry  and just plain old heart hurt when a family watches another suffer through the many surgeries, chemo treatments and the side effects to follow. As I heard Martina sing the lyrics “I’m gonna love you through it,” I thought of another  person who is there loving not only the patient but the family and friends who instantly become care givers.

For those, watching a loved one suffer through this horrible diagnosis, know that your Heavenly Father is saying, “I’m gonna love you through it.” He is there sitting with you in that waiting room as hours of surgery take place. He is sitting there in the doctor’s office as the latest labs and course of action are discussed. Your Heavenly Father is there holding you when you can’t bear to see your loved one suffer another moment. Yes, He is there loving you through it all. Your Father will not leave your side.

Your Father also loves you through it by the friends who call, come by to visit, and who are sending up daily prayers on your family’s behalf. He loves you through the hugs, the meals cooked, and the cards of encouragement that are sent your way. Yes, He is loving you and your loved one through all the aches, pains, and tears. He is there and will never leave your side.

In the fourth verse of the twenty-third Psalm, God reminds us that He is with us always. It is His rod and staff that comfort us. In other words, He is walking and loving you through it all. 

For those of us who know of someone battling with cancer, we need to not only be aware of their needs but we need to be aware of the needs of those who are the care givers through the battle.  1 Thessalonians 5:11 encourages us to comfort each other. Some of us may not be able to be there physically to comfort and encourage but we can pray and send cards of encouragement. There are those of us who may be able to go sit with the patient to give a family member a break. Or, maybe you just need to  sit with the family. Be prepared, when you sit with the family, for some silent moments but yet don’t be afraid of the silence. It is your presence and the silence that God is using you the most. It is through your presence that He is loving the family through the battle.

To all who are currently facing this battle (patients, love ones, and caregivers). know that you are embraced by His love. When you are weak, He will hold you up. When your eyes are full of tears, He will wipe them. And, when you think you can’t go another step further, He will carry you. He’s gonna love you through it.”