Small Callings

knittingLast Thursday evening as Jim and I sat in our Coffee Talk small group, Mary brought her knitting. She asked if it would be rude if she knitted while we had our share time together. No one objected because we knew that this piece she was knitting would one day be prayed over and given to someone who is in need of God’s loving and comforting touch.

Psalm 23
Psalm 23

Our lesson taken from Psalm 23:3 he leads me along the right paths for his name sake.  The focus for our lesson was our purpose in this life and God’s calling us to this purpose. In other words, we need to be in tuned to God’s still small voice and allow him to guide our path.

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Purpose/calling. When we hear that word we sometimes think of the evangelists, the missionaries, the song writers/singers and writers that up there front and center fulfilling their purpose. It can be intimidating at times and make some of us ask if we are actually hearing God’s voice and fulfilling our purpose in life.

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For some of us, we have had different callings in our life time. In other words, just as the seasons change in nature, our seasons change. Some of us question if we are truly listening to God’s voice and following his leadership when our seasons change. We may feel guilty that we are not continuing the same path we have been on for many years. Know that there is nothing wrong with this change in path. There are times when we fulfill one purpose and God is ready to move us on to a new task.  It is all a part of his refining us into his likeness.

2014 Winter

In Kentucky this winter we have had winter in all its glory.  In our life there are seasons where our purpose/calling may be up front/center stage. There is no doubt we know our calling just as there has been no doubt that we have had winter.

different seasons

Then, there are times when the seasons are calm. Last year, Kentucky had a very quiet and mild winter. No big headlines were needed. It is in seasons such as these we sometimes question God and his purpose for us. We wonder if we are truly answering his call. Are we actually hearing his still small voice from within.

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As these thoughts were bounced around our small group the other night, I looked across the room at Mary’s knitting one stitch at a time and yet seeing this beautiful prayer shawl come together. Seeing her loop one thread over another one, I saw a connection.

There are times when we are called to do big things. But most times we are called and our purpose is to do small things. We think that these small things really don’t mean much and aren’t making a difference. It is this thinking that causes us  to miss the lesson that God is teaching us. This can result in our missing the blessing that God has planned for us.

Mother Teresa on small things with great love

You see, it is the small things/callings that make the big difference. It is the opening the door for someone who has their hands full and smiling as we do it. It is that simple phone call to that one friend that came to mind or sending them a message/card. It is taking time to stop to help that stalled car get  pushed to the side out of harms way. A simple wave to someone next to us. It is posting that one encouraging thought on Facebook.

Just as one thread being looped over and over, each one of answering those simple callings eventually become a beautiful blessing and they bring glory to God. We may or may not see the impact from answering these small callings while on earth. I do know that when we reach our eternal home that we will see the results of people answering the smallest of callings. We are going to see the most beautiful tapestry that is beyond our earthly comprehension.


In the days ahead, God is going to call you to various things/purposes. There will be different seasons with different callings. Just know no matter what season and/or how great or small the calling that you are making a difference.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. 1 Peter 2:8-9

Take a moment to listen to the video below. As you listen, think about God’s calling/purpose for you.


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