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new yearIt is hard to believe that we are already on the thresh hold of a soon to be new year. As Christmas decorations come down, thoughts of the year gone by go through our minds. Within those thoughts are precious memories that have been made over the soon to be previous year. Then there are those thoughts of regrets, the could have’s, the should have’s, and opportunities that we know we can never go back and get.  In a moment we see a glimpse of what was important to us and what should have been more important to us and sometimes followed by an ache in our hearts and maybe a tear down our cheek.


People are talking about the new year on the horizon. They are sharing their expectations, hopes, dreams and of course the list of resolutions. It seems the two top things of resolutions are usually people wanting to be disciplined on a better diet and exercise to obtain that perfect figure before summer vacation.


Although my husband is already  in his 50’s and I will soon start that decade myself this year, life has taught us many lessons. Yes, there have been some missed opportunities that we will never get back but there are moments where we stopped and took that extra five minutes to help someone with a small task that would make their day, week or life a little better. Stopping to help may have made us a little late for something we had planned or completely miss a social gathering of sorts but in our hearts we knew what we did matter more than being on time to the next engagement or attending the next engagement.

actions express priorities

Years ago it was said that technology would become so advanced that it would make our lives easier. In a lot of ways that prediction has held true. However, in some ways I feel as though technology has been a thorn among the roses. Technology has caused people to work even longer hours and even work when they are away from the office. For a lot of people they can’t even take time to be with family, friends, or enjoy vacations without having to check in with the office. Back in the day, when you were out of the office, you were out of the office! Technology has even taken away the old-fashioned sitting in the living room and visiting with one another. It has become a vacuum and  a device that has in some ways changed our priorities, the way we look at life and how we look and treat each other.

enjoy the journey

The other day I heard the song, My List by Toby Keith. It is one of my husband’s favorite songs and has become one of my favorite’s as well. We like the song because Toby points out what is really important in life. He shares how easy it is to miss the opportunities that mean the most. The opportunities that we don’t take time to enjoy and then stand one day with a tear of regret rolling down our cheek.

life goes by in a blink

This song also got me to thinking about my resolutions for the new year. Typically, I don’t make resolutions because I know within a few weeks the very things I said I was going to do or not do are soon not to be in action. However, this year I have made my list.  

make a list

  • Each day I wake up I will say thank you God for giving me another day.
  • Hug my family a little tighter.
  • Seek joy in all things.
  • Laugh a little more. Seek the humor in life.
  • Capture ALL the moments I can with family and friends.
  • Be forgiving and ask for forgiveness when I mess up.
  • Let go of the past mistakes but learn from them and move on to new beginnings.
  • Respect other’s thoughts and ways of doing things. Just because they don’t think like me or do things how I do them mean that they are wrong.
  • Take time to take that loop by the park and river and absorb its beauty, the laughter and smiles of the people who are also enjoying the view.
  • Watch a few more sunsets and say thank you to God for walking with me one more day.
  • Go for more walks.
  • Say more thank-you’s.
  • Send more personal hand written letters to friends and family to let them know they are in my heart, thoughts and prayers.
  • Take that extra five minutes to stop and help that one person who may be struggling with something whether it be holding a door for someone, letting someone into traffic or simply listening to a story that want to share.
  • When  God places someone or a situation on my heart stop and say a prayer for them. If it is a person, try to give them a call or send a note that God placed them on my heart that day.
  • Seek God’s blessings in all situations especially in the storms.
  • Ask God to shine his light through me so others will see and experience his grace through my words and actions.
  • As I take down Christmas next year, to be able to look back with  very few if any regrets. To be placing the ornaments in the box with a smile, a heart of gratitude  and a heart full of memories that no one can take away nor money can buy.
  • Enjoy life!
  • Start living!

Praise the Lord, my soul!

I want to praise the LORD throughout my life.

I want to make music to praise my God as long as I live.

Psalm 146:1-2

As we enter into a new year, it my prayer that each day that our actions will be that of praise, thanksgiving and worship to our Creator!

writing in journal

Listen and watch the video below. As you watch, I encourage you to make your list for the New Year. After you make your list, ask God to guide you through the New Year and through your list. Put the list in a safe place and then this time next year pull it out and seek where God has led you. My prayer is that your thanksgivings and precious memories will out weigh the could have’s and should have’s. May this be the year that you start living!

Live like someone left gate open

Have a Blessed New Year!


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  1. Good post mom! I can totally relate to the not unplugging from work. I know Megan and I have both had to cut family visits short because we had to be home to post or respond to something. It’s the downfall of our line of work!

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