Capture ‘The Good Stuff’

As Christmas Day gets closer, families and friends are making plans to gather together to celebrate the Season. For a lot of families it will be the only time that they gather all year. In other words, the Christmas Season is a time for coming together with people near and far.

Christmas Vacation

Over the years, I have over heard conversations, heard comic routines and seen movies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that show and/or express  the downside of these family gatherings. Family members off to a corner to talk about another person and it is usually not anything of building that person up. There is always a family member that has to one up what anyone else has to share or is doing in their life. Scenes such as these can set the stage for not very fond memories and a very stressful Christmas. It is scenes and situations such as these that make me sad to observe and hear about. After all, the reason for the Season is celebrating a person who came to this world to demonstrate what grace is all about and how we are to accept each other flaws and all. He came to this world so that we can experience the good stuff.


My Family
Christmas 2012

In the song, The Good Stuff  it is an older man telling a young man how important it is to capture all the good moments as you are starting out in a marriage and in life. We can carry the theme of this song into the Christmas Season. Instead of looking for ways of criticizing a family member or friend because they don’t do things the way do, I encourage us to seek the good qualities in each person. Let’s take the time to laugh not at each other but with each other. We need to embrace the hugs the conversations and laughter as much as we can because we never know who may not be with us the next time we are together.


Hawkins Family Christmas Dinner
Nanny making sure her grandbabies (not so little now) are taken care of..

For most families, there is going to be a grandparent, aunt or uncle that is going to tell a story of Christmas past that we have heard a hundred times before. Instead of rolling our eyes back and saying; “here we go again” take heed the words found in Proverbs 2:11 about being quick to listen. It might be this one Christmas that we may catch a part and/or meaning of the story that has an impact on our life. Also, it is important to remember that these stories are a part of who we are and they are a special heritage that needs to be handed on down to the next generation.

Drew and Megan opening Christmas gifts 2010

Drew and Megan opening Christmas gifts 2010

Then there comes to the moment when we exchange and open gifts.  I am sure there will be a gift where we will think; “oh, you shouldn’t have”, “you really shouldn’t have” with a fake smile on our face as we give the giver a fake thank-you hug. Instead, we need to be that extravagant receiver that I talk about in my blog, The Extravagant Receiver. We have to  realize that the giver took the time out to think of us and the joy they have felt as they prepared the gift. Let’s not steal their joy but embrace the joy. In other words, capture the good stuff.

God's gift

Last but certainly not least, we need to capture the good stuff of what  Christmas is all about. Christmas is about a baby being born that would grow up to a man who would die for us so that we can experience the good stuff in life.  

My Christmas wish for you is that you capture all the good stuff you can not only during this Christmas Season but in the year ahead.

Christmas Blessings-


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  1. Hi April thank you for the wishes. May God give you and your family bountiful blessings filled with His Joy (Jesus Overshadows You)! Merry Christmas to you and family. For Jesus is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.



    • Shenine
      You are welcome! Sending many Christmas wishes your way. May God continue to bless your ministry of writing and sharing the Good News! Looking forward to sharing with you in 2014!


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