Coming Home a Victorious Finish!

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It was a week ago this afternoon when I was sitting at this very computer checking updates on Facebook when I saw the words; “Rest in Peace, Sgt. Michael Cable.” Looking over at the chat box I saw that my son was on-line. I shot a message to him asking what he knew about Michael’s passing. Drew’s response was; ???? meaning he was shocked as I was seeing the news.


Sgt. Michel Cable was Michael Cable to our family before he ever signed up for the army. He was a running brother of our son, Drew on the cross-country and track team in high school. These teams weren’t just teams. This team had a special bond. They were/are a brotherhood who had each other’s back not only in the woods on a cross-country trail but in every aspect of life. When they weren’t training, they were playing, laughing and being teenage boys. These guys even prayed and worshiped together.

Drew running with his DCXC team in State Meet (they took the title three years in a row)

Drew running with his DCXC team in State Meet (they took the title three years in a row)

It was just two years ago when Drew lost his best buddy serving in the Navy. Josh was another fellow brother on the high school cross-country team and he was Drew’s brother. Josh was an adopted son of ours. When Drew wasn’t at Josh’s home Josh was with us including trips to the lake and Florida vacations.  It seemed we were just beginning to really grasp the reality of losing Josh.  Then, post after post brought back that memory, that sting and reality of life being precious was on the fore front of everyone’s mind.

Petty Officer Joshua Yeckering...taken too soon but not forgotten.I know he was at the final finish line to welcome Michael home.

Petty Officer Joshua Yeckering…taken too soon but not forgotten.
I know he was at the final finish line to welcome Michael home.

Sgt. Michel Cable making his journey home.

Sgt. Michel Cable making his journey home.

A loss for words. Numbness. Sadness. Heartache. Are the words that describe the last week. At least for me, that is what describes what the last week has been. A family has lost a brother, a son, an uncle and a friend.  It was in this moment that I asked God to walk with Michael’s family through the days ahead, and to give me the right words to say. As I prayed this prayer, I was reminded of the song by Mercy Me, Word of God Speak.

Tomorrow, I will stand with some of Michael’s former teammates from cross-country, track and the running community to salute him as he arrives home. As we salute and welcome Michael home, I know that Michael is already in his eternal home. I know his running brother, Josh was there at that final finish line to welcome him on over.  As Michael crossed that finish line, I know without a doubt that Josh and he not only gave each other a high-five as they did when they  won State for the second year in a row but they hugged one another because they have experienced the ultimate victory.


“He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain for the old order of things has passed away.” Revelation 21:4

Please keep the family of Sgt. Michael Cable in your prayers. 


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  1. Prayers are with you, your son and Michael’s family. What a tragic loss, my friend who also lives in KY sent out a notice – there are many praying for this fine young mans family. It brings to mind when our son lost his friend about 5 yrs ago. It still haunts him, he was supposed to be deployed at the same time.

  2. I am so very very sorry for the loss of a hero, friend, and loved one. God be with your family throughout the days to come

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