We Have Commitment!



We’ve got commitment”  were the words that Jim spoke into my ear as the flight attendant closed the hatch to the airplane. I cut my eyes at Jim wanting to bop him but could let go of the arms of my seat long enough to do so. Then, the plane began to taxi out to the runway and once again Jim with a big smile on his face said; “no getting off the plane now….we really have commitment.” Once again, I wanted to bop him but couldn’t because my hands were clenched even tighter to the arms of the seat.

afraid to fly

It was October, 2002 and we were flying to Washington, DC to attend funeral  services at Arlington for my grandmother. It was also post 9-11 and I had not flown since that awful September 11 event that devastated our country. As our plane was slowing moving towards the runway, I remembered standing at my grandfather’s grave site in Arlington in June and looking over and seeing the side of the Pentagon under repairs as a result from the of  the plane crashing in on that September morning the year before. Fortunately, it had  worked out where we drove to DC back in June for my grandfather’s services but this time due to schedules and such there was no other option but to fly.



Hearing the words; “we’ve got commitment” did make me feel a bit uneasy. Yet, I knew that there was nothing I could do but to try to relax and place my travel mercies into the expertise of the flight crew and into the hands of God. Fortunately, as the flight began to progress, I was able to relax a bit and let go of the arms of the seat.

Washington, DC at sunset

As we began to approach Washington, DC at sunset, I was relieved that the flight was almost over and that I would soon be hearing the landing gear engage for us to land. However, in this process, I looked over Jim’s shoulder out the window and saw some of the most beautiful scenery down below me. Our Nation’s capitol is a very awe striking scene from the air and at sunset. It was one of the most beautiful landings that I had ever remembered from previous years of flying.

butterflies in the tummy

“We have commitment.”  How does that word, commitment make you feel when you here it? Do you get anxious and wonder, “what have I gotten myself into?” Or, do you get butterflies in your stomach to the point you hold the arms of the seat so tight that no one could pry your hands off if they tried? Commitment can be a scary word for all of us.

Yet, if we think of commitment as the psalmist write in Psalm 37:4-5: “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.  Commit your way to the LORD; trust Him and He will do this.”we see the word commitment in a whole new light. 

You see, the psalmist is telling us that we should commit everything to the LORD. Each day we should commit everything  in our possession to God. This means placing our family, our friends, our situations, trials, victories, and every little spec of our lives into God’s hands. It is when we commit all that we have and all that we are into the hands of God we are truly trusting Him to work in our lives.  When we do this, we are able to relax and look out into the world just as I looked out of that airplane window and see God’s beauty all around us.  Furthermore, we are more open and  able to experience the blessings that God has in store for us.


Nowadays, I hear Jim’s voice in my head at times saying to me; “we’ve got commitment!” Do I get anxious when I hear these words playing through my head? No. Instead, I chuckle at him giving me a hard time and in his own way trying to get me to lighten up and trust the ones in charge. Also, it reminds me every day to commit all that is on my plate to God and trust God. After all, the old hymn reminds us to “only trust Him.”

“We have commitment.”   In other words; “Let go and let God.”

emmaus Jesus

A little FYI:   You will notice in my post that I mention going to my grandfather’s funeral in June and you will see the head stone says he passed in May. These are both correct. Arlington gives you a date and time of when the funeral services will be held.


3 thoughts on “We Have Commitment!

  1. I had a similar experience, April. The first time my son and I ever boarded an airplane was at the end of February 2003. We were traveling for his eighth grade U.S. tour to D.C. and the surrounding areas. It was the worst winter storm in 100 years and the U.S. was about to declare war on Iraq. All I could think about was terrorists and plane crashes. But I prayed and committed our lives to Him as we took off. I was stunned by the beauty of what I saw from the air. I realized that I was seeing God’s creation and worshiping Him in a way I never would have if not for the airplane ride. We had a wonderful time.

  2. “Relax and look out the window!” Such good advice, April. Our Pilot-Supreme will handle the tough stuff. Tightly gripping the armrests does no good. (M-m-m. Note to self: they’re called armRESTS!) Thank you for drawing our attention away from worthless worry and onto the One who is worthy of our trust. And while we wait for his plan to unfold, there are numerous blessings “out the window” for us to enjoy!

    P.S. Thank you for stopping by my blog, From the Inside Out. I’m delighted you found “Odd for God” wrorhwhile.

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