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“I know what it is to be in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether fed well or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” Philippians 4:12

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Since before Christmas, I have not been writing as often as I usually write. The thoughts have been there and jotted down in a notebook but other things seem to have taken priority. Have I stopped writing? No. It may not be as often but that is with good reason. I have seen where I needed to stop once in a while and ‘just fish.’

running on a treadmill

So many times I see people on a constant treadmill trying to get that nest egg ready so that they can eventually. one day, just fish.  I don’t mean fish in the literal sense (well, for some it may be in the literal sense) but I mean they want to accumulate all that they can accumulate so that they can eventually enjoy the ‘good life.’   In this process of getting ready to ‘just fish’, family time gets taken away, missed opportunities/memories happen and sometimes even a person’s health can be affected because they don’t take time to take care of themselves.  Still, they are driven  one day to ‘just fish.”


 People have responsibilities that are necessary to maintain a home, to put food on the table and to put clothes on their backs. Yet, there is this drive in our society to have more. Sometimes, I feel as though people use getting things as a means to fill a void that is not being filled.  Still, they are on that  constant treadmill to get to one day where they can ‘just fish.’ 


In recent years, I have had some personal experiences that have made me sit down, stop, and evaluate my priorities. Not only have I had to stop and evaluate what is important for me as an individual but Jim has had to sit down with me to help evaluate what was going to be important to our family.  This evaluation process has made us aware of the true importance of life and what it means to ‘just fish.’

direction in l ife

Due to the fact  Jim and I have had to re-prioritize what is and isn’t important,  we have had to make lifestyle changes. As we have made these lifestyle changes, we realize that the truest treasures we could ever acquire are not being acquired on a treadmill.  We laugh more, we enjoy the simple things like going to our river front and watching the barges go by, having more time to build relationships with other people and there are some days when we ‘just fish.’  


I love the song in the video below. It is a Kenny Chesney song called, The Life. Kenny talks about a guy named Jose who says he makes a good living because “I fish.  play my guitar.and laugh at the bar with my friends. I go home to my wife. I pray every night. I can do it all over again.”   

You see, Jose is content. Since he is content he is making a good living.  Jose doesn’t run on a treadmill to acquire more like so many of us do. In being content, Jose is already able to ‘just fish.’ In other words, he is taking care of his family and  enjoying life as it comes.


As you listen to the song/video below ask yourself these following questions: Are you caught up on a treadmill? Is your health being compromised because you are running on this treadmill just to acquire things? Are you trying to build a nest egg so you can one day ‘just fish’?  During this process, how many fishing opportunities are you missing? Maybe it is time to sit down and look at what is important and what is not as important as you might think.  I am sure that when you go through this evaluation process, you will see that throughout your life you have missed opportunities to ‘just fish’.  You may find  that it is time to prioritize.

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  1. a thoughtful post – I will remember to “just fish” when I allow my life to get too busy…

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