Hey, How You’ve Been?

For Christmas my son and his wife gave me this Train CD. On our way home from seeing family over the holidays, Jim and I popped the CD into the player and began to listen. We heard this song and had to hear it again. It spoke loud and clear to us; “we all have bruises.” In other words, life happens to all of us. We all have battle scars and experiences that have happened on our journey here on earth.


While listening to this song, it made me think of a comment that a couple of friends I have re-united with on Facebook have said/messaged me.  The comment is this: “if you only knew what all I have done, what I have not done and/or where I have been, you probably would not want to be my friend.” My reply to the comment is: “it doesn’t matter to me where you’ve been, what you’ve done or not done since I last saw you.” “What matters to me is that our friendship has been reunited and I can still see that love in you heart.”  


Some have shared some of the things they have done and experienced. Others have simply said; “you just can’t imagine the road I have traveled.”  Yes, some things I heard disappointed me but it didn’t change how I look at the friend.

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 I know over the years that life has happened. Life has happened to me. Each one of us has gone through changes and many seasons in our lives. It is these experiences that we draw from to understand someone else better, to love others a little more and to know that there is good in everyone. These experiences even give us a few stories to share that enable to us to laugh together, laugh at each other and even at ourselves.  Along with these experiences giving us something to laugh about, they give us opportunity to show the changes we have gone through and to maybe help a friend who is struggling on a journey at a certain moment.

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Listen to the song, Bruises one more time. Then, the next time when you re-unite with an old friend whether it be at a class reunion, Facebook or some other reunion, be ready to hear the response to “Hey, How You’ve Been?”  Be ready to listen with unconditional listening and love because the response may not be what you were expecting to hear.

These bruises make for better conversation. Loses the vibe that separates. It’s good to know you’ve got a friend.  That you remember now and then Everybody loses
(Train: Bruises)

Listen to the song and remember we all got bruises….


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