The Winks In Life

We have all had days  when we ask; ‘where’s God?” or we just need a little pick-me-up to get through the rest of the day.  Needless to say, we all have had things we really wanted to do or a trip we really wanted to take but it fell through and with that came disappointment. It is on these types of days and situations when God is more at work than we realize.

For example, today has been one of those days where I started the day out already exhausted. Exhausted from all that  I have tried to accomplish before the Thanksgiving holiday.  Yet, I had a list of things to do around the house and an errand to run in town. After, knocking a couple of things off my list around the house, I grabbed my keys and headed into town do that one “quick” errand which turned out to take more than a few minutes. “God, I just need a pick-me-up up, a hug or something to give me  a little wind to help me through the rest of the day” is what I prayed as I was returning back home.


While eating a late lunch in front of the television, my little Smokey comes up and sits beside me. He looks up at me, smiles (yes, my dog smiles) and he gives me one of his winks. At that moment, I felt my spirit within fill up with warmth, my heart smiled and I got that extra bit of wind that I needed to get through the rest of the day.  Not long after that, I decide to catch up on Facebook. In this catching up, I got the sweetest message of encouragement which was another wink from above.

Life sometimes gets hard, tiresome and frustrating. It seems more and more of us  are facing some sort of challenge these days. Things happen and we  don’t understand why. As a result, we may feel a sense of disappointment.  Yet, it is in these moments when God is at work and He is looking out for us.

There have been experiences where we have sent up a breath prayer and sometime not long after the  prayer was answered. Then there has been times where we  sent up a prayer and it didn’t get answered but looking back we  see why and are thankful that God was and is watching out for us. To go along with the answered and unanswered prayers, we  have had an experience of disappointment or change of plans and didn’t understand at the moment why. Yet, we can  look back and see where God was at work all through the situation. A lot of times we  look back on these situations and see that God sent us  a little wink and now we are thankful things fell into place like they did. In some cases, how the situation fell into place or the prayer was answered was far better than what we “thought” we wanted or wanted to do.  We look back and see God’s blessings all the way through.  Some of those “God Winks” may even give us a little goose bump that makes us feel good.

Every day God sends us a wink. We have to be in tuned to God being at work in our lives. We simply  have to acknowledge  that He is in control of ALL things and involved in ALL things.

A couple of years ago I became acquainted with the book, When God Winks At You  by Squire Rushnell. In this book, Squire Rushnell shares many stories of God Winks in the midst of people’s ordinary lives. Some God Winks are answer to prayers. Other God Winks are where people changed their plans and in the midst of their disappointment of changed plans they saw God’s blessing and God looking out for their best interest.  Take a look at the video:

It was after reading this book where I became even more in tuned to God at work in my life. I began seeing the God Winks that have taken place in my life and be attentive to the daily winks that may come my way.  It seems just when I send up a breath prayer I receive a wink. Though it may not be the answer I was seeking but it is what  put the pep back in my step and warmed my spirit.

One God Wink that I experienced not long ago was in a drive-thru at McDonald’s.  Jim and I had finished dinner and cleaning up the kitchen when I looked at him and told him I had a craving for a chocolate dipped ice cream cone. Recently, our neighborhood McDonald’s had just begun serving the chocolate dipped cones. We grabbed the keys and headed for McDonald’s. “Go through the drive-thru”  I told Jim because I didn’t see any sense in going in for just an ice cream cone. We pull up to the sign, give our order and the voice on the other side gives us our total and tells us to pull up to the first window.  Jim pulls up to the window with money in hand to pay for our order. The girl leans out of the window with a big smile on her face and says; “there’s no charge. The car in front of you paid for your order.” Astonished, we pulled up to the next window to pick up our order. As we pulled away, I told Jim that was our God Wink for the evening and we needed to say thank-you to God. That one God Wink not only made us smile and end our day on a happy note, but you could tell the girl at the drive thru was warmed by what happened and so the domino effect went on.

The Christmas season is right on our heels. It is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” but it becomes one of the busiest and stressful time of year for many. It is so easy to get frustrated because we can’t find that item we want, we are stuck in traffic which is causing us to be late to an engagement, the crowds are getting on our nerves and the Christmas baking still has to be done while wrapping gifts and trimming the tree.  Yes, overwhelming is a word used quite often this time of year.

This year, in the midst of the shopping, the baking and/or the frustrations,we need  be sure we are in  tuned to God, His voice and His being at work in our lives. We need to be attentive to what is going on around us because we never know when He might just send us that wink. And, when God sends that wink, be sure to send Him up a wink with a breath prayer of thanksgiving.

The LORD bless you and keep you,

The LORD make His face to shine upon you,

And be gracious to you;

The LORD lift up His countenance up you,

And give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26


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