God’s Protection Plan….(continuation of living on a prayer)

As I sit having coffee and dessert in a quaint Chicago café, my son begins to tell me a story. The story unfolds and as it unfolds, I look at Drew’s dad, Jim and I look at Drew asking them if they are messing with my mind. Yet, Drew looks at me dead on in the eye and says; “mom hang with me, this is real stuff.”  Yet, it sounded like a scene from a Magnum PI television show or a James Bond movie.

After hearing what Drew went through only a couple of weeks before, I was speechless, dumb founded and yes that very moment was surreal.  I remember looking at Drew and asking him; “this really happened?”  The proof was in the pudding when he reached for his wallet and pulled out the bullet he found from the scene of the incident. At that point, I was saying to myself; “be still my heart.” Drew was saying to me; ” I will carry this bullet with me in the days ahead as a reminder of how big  our God is when I want to doubt my faith or I have a bad day.”  

In my previous post, Living On A Prayer, I shared a prayer that I pray nightly over Drew and Megan. I have prayed this prayer for Drew many years before he even moved out on his own. I keep Psalm 91 in the back of my mind when I pray this prayer. And, from time to time, I will read the Psalm as I begin to say my prayers.

As Drew shared, the story has been only told to a select few until our stepping out and sharing now. He even waited until he was in person with me before I knew what had happened.  When I shared this story with a select few, I saw God’s hand at work as I would share what Drew went through.

How did I see God’s hand? God protected Drew that afternoon in South Chicago.  Reflecting back and envisioning what Drew went through, I truly believe that those who were shooting didn’t see Drew. I truly believe that God’s angels of protection intervened and made Drew invisible to these supposed gang members.

After God’s revealing his protection over Drew on that afternoon, anytime I replay that scene as Drew told me in my mind today, I see a scene where there are people shooting but Drew is no where in the picture. Again, a scene you would maybe see in a Touched By An Angel episode.

Years ago, I participated in a small group study on the book, The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Ormatian. She shares how one of the biggest things we can do for our children is pray. Along in that same study, a dear friend suggested that we imprint the words of Psalm 91 into our hearts and pray them over our children. I took these words of advice to heart and I am glad that I did!

As young parents, we worry about our children falling down, breaking something or wondering away from us in a department store. Yes, these can be horrors of horrors! Then, as they enter the teen years and begin to drive, we find ourselves praying even harder. I know the first time Drew drove out of the driveway by himself, my knees hit the floor and I haven’t gotten up since!

You see, as a parent and as a praying parent, we never should stop praying for our children no matter how old they get. As I speak from experience, our kids need our prayers all the more as they grow up and grow older. Life hits them pretty hard at times and the problems get much bigger than falling off the swing set or getting lost in a rack of clothes in a department store. I can honestly say that I pray harder now that Drew is an adult, on his own, now married and the head of his household.

Along with praying the prayer that I shared with you, I envision Drew and Megan where they may be at that moment and where they may be the next day. If one of them is going on a business trip, I envision them on the subway going to the airport, at the airport, on the plane and their destination. In this envisioning of places, I ask God to place an angel in their path, to protect them, and to be seen walking with them.

This past Sunday, as our Sunday School leader wrapped up our session, she read the little Now or Later  at the end of our lesson. It said this:

Close your eyes and picture each family member or person to whom you have intimate ties. Give

each one to the Lord for his care and protection. Tell the Lord that he is first in your life. As you

yield them to the Lord, notice your heart responses. 

(Matthew/ Being Discipled by Jesus by Stephen and Jacalyn Eyre)

It is a big world out there with many challenges. Yes, there are also days when it can be a BIG bad world and our children are caught in the cross fire of life. The cross fires may not be actual gunshots like Drew experienced but the world will shoot its fair share of rounds at them.

What better gift can we give our children as to keep our knees on the floor, giving them to God and asking God to take care of them?  Who knows, there may be a time when they are visible but God makes them invisible for their protection. And, this protection is provided because we have yielded our child/children into the hands of God asking him to feather them with his mighty protection and angels.



4 thoughts on “God’s Protection Plan….(continuation of living on a prayer)

  1. Thank you for reading my comments about prayer and adding it to related topics on your blog. I pray it was an encouragement to you and will be an encouragement to others. I enjoyed your account about Drew and your blog. I pray God will continue to teach you and draw you closer to him.

    1. Yes, I saw that pic when looking for pics as I wrote and it gave me chills. It truly shows how I see God watching over us.

      Terri, thank you for all your encouraging words and support to my web site. I do enjoy reading your many adventures. I have so much going on that I don’t always have a chance to comment. But, know I do read and keep your family in my prayers.


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