As many of you know, this was the opening to the hit television comedy, Cheers that became popular back in the 1980’s. The theme song implied that if you went to this pub you would not be a stranger. You would walk in and everyone would know you.

How many of us remember the character Norm? What happened each time he walked into the pub? Everyone raised their hands up and said; “Norm!” They were glad to see him.

Now, taking us from a television sitcom to everyday living. How many of us have longed to belong to something or some group? Maybe in our school years we longed to sit at the “cool table.” If you sat at this table, everyone would know and like you. You then belonged to a group where everyone knew your name and were glad to see you.

A sense of belonging is something we all want in our lives. We want to feel loved, liked, important and the need to be needed. We want to sit at the “cool table” in life. Yet, sometimes we feel defeated, insecure about who we are, and maybe not worthy to be at the “cool table.”

Today, I extend to you an invitation to sit at the “cool table.” This “cool table” is the table of Christ. When you sit at this table, you will be known by all as one of God’s children. You will be accepted, loved for who you are on the inside and everyone will know your name.  

“But our citizenship is in heaven.” Philippians 3:20