Words are Powerful

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Lately, I have been seeing so many negative postings on Facebook. As I result, I shared this morning what was on my heart on my Facebook status. I would like to share with you that particular status.

Carry this thought with you as you post, write and even speak throughout the week ahead.

FACEBOOK STATUS: I don’t know what has happened to the Golden Rule…you know…”do unto others as you would have done unto you”..there is so much negativity and bashing going on right now….I was raised that we are ALL God’s children…it doesn’t matter what race, creed, color, orientation or religion someone is…I was taught each person is a son or daughter of God whether they realize it or not….we are to love one another and encourage one another just as God loves and encourages us. How will someone experience God’s love and grace if we don’t demonstrate it? Words are powerful, people! Let’s post encouraging thoughts and words on Facebook! 

Have a great week! May you walk in His light and share His light on your journey this week.




3 thoughts on “Words are Powerful

  1. amen! It is so sad that the computer age allows people to be so thoughtless, when most would speak differently if they had to speak in public.

  2. I am not on Facebook and have no intention of being there, but I have heard there is a lot of rubbishing. I’m thankful that here on WordPress, possible spam is separated before it gets posted.

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