Showers of Blessings

I will make them and the places all around My hill a blessing; and I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing.” Ezekiel 34:26

“A friend loves at ALL times.” Proverbs 17:17

If you read my page Who’s April?, you will see that I grew up in a Methodist Minister’s home. During those years of my dad’s ministry, we usually moved every four to five years. Living in this atmosphere gave me opportunity to meet many wonderful people and develop many wonderful friendships. Friendships that have left lasting footprints on my heart.Growing up in a minister’s home meant not only meeting people but it also meant having to say good-bye to dear friendships as we would move from one appointment to another.  Over the years, I kept in touch as much as I could with some but as we all know, time, distance and life transitions seemed to make it harder and harder to see and/or keep up with these friendships. Because of these transitions and good-byes, I had always told my parents that when I grew up that I would marry, move into a house that had a front yard and a back yard and would never leave it. In my book moving had become the pits.

Fast forward to 1985. Jim and I were married. We will have been married for twenty-seven years this November. In that twenty-seven years, we moved eight times! Yet, we have lived in our current home sixteen years. It is the longest I have lived in one place my entire life. You see, I prayed to have a home where I would not have to move. I got what I prayed for after many years of moving from place to place.

I grew up in Georgia. I live in Kentucky. There are four hundred miles of roads, road construction and Parkway between my house and my parents’ current home. Thus, meaning that when we go home to Georgia there is usually just enough time to visit immediate family before having to head back to Kentucky where our lives are lived these days. When people hear about this, they ask me if I ever get homesick.  My response is I have lived in Kentucky for twenty-two years. I was raised to bloom where I was planted. But, I do get homesick.

Over the years, I have shared with Jim my upbringing as a PK’s (preacher’s kid) , and the people who came and went in my life.  There have been a few times where he has met some of the people I share about. Then, there are those he has never met and I so wanted him to meet because it is these friendships that make up the person I am today. I have prayed that I would sometime get to see some of these friends once again.

Once again, I am getting what I prayed for. In the last couple of years, I have made contact with friends from every appointment my dad served during his forty-seven years of ministry. This re-connecting of friends has been made possible with Facebook. Early Spring, I received a message from a friend from the community where I lived from fifth grade thru eighth grade. His message was that they were planning a thirty year class reunion and even though I did not get to graduate with them,  they wanted me to come and attend this reunion. At first, I declined in going not seeing how I could work it out in my schedule. But, as Jim and I talked, Jim said; ‘let’s look at this calendar of things to do. I think I can take a couple of days off and make a long weekend for you to attend this reunion.”  Along with Jim stating we needed to clear our calendar to attend this event, my mom found out about the reunion and said; “you ought to go. They were a big part of your growing up.” Fortunately, it has all worked out and I am looking forward to seeing friends that I call family. People who  I have not seen in thirty-four years this coming  October.

As I looked more toward this event, I realized that it may be possible to meet up for lunch with a high school friend whom I graduated with in 1982. I also realized that my college roommate now lives in the area where I will be attending the reunion. I began to send messages to these two sweet dear friends about meeting up while I was in the area. So, I messaged the high school friend first about lunch on Saturday and she messaged right back with these message; “You do know that Heritage High School Class of ’82 is having their reunion that weekend, too.” My jaw just dropped! I could not believe this was happening! Yet, my heart sank as well. I knew at that very moment I could not be at two places at once. But, if I could clone myself and be at both I would.

The need or the want to be in two places at once is something we have all experienced. This is not the first time in my life I have experienced it but when it happens it does pull on the heart-strings. With all the technology, social media and such man has yet to devise a way for us to physically be in two places at one time. Sometimes, this leaves the heart torn and the feeling of being pulled. Yet, when I found out about the other reunion and knowing I had made my plans, I was disappointed but at the same time I felt blessed.

For me, it was a blessing because God has opened doors for me to renew friendships from each appointment my dad served in his forty-seven years of ministry. I have been able to renew friendships  that are very special in my heart. A lot of these friends are more than friends for me. They were family for me and my family when we lived in their communities.

My heart smiles because in this chain of recent events regarding the reunions and the re-connecting with friends via Facebook, I see how God has showered me with blessings in my lifetime. I can see not only the blessings of ALL the friendships that have come and gone but I also see how He has blessed me and watched over me in every step I have taken and in every day I have lived. God has been in ALL places ALL of the time.

No, there will never be a way for me or for you to be in two places at one time. However, you and I can walk confident knowing that there is a person who can be in two places at once. This person is our wonderful Creator, God.

My challenge for you today is that when you feel torn and the need to be in two places at once, to step back and look at the big picture. Think about the commitment have you already committed to and stick to that commitment. Then, look at the whole picture as a blessing and God shinning an extra smile on you. The other commitment you may have to turn away may be the very thing you needed to see to understand how God has sent you showers of blessings.




7 thoughts on “Showers of Blessings

  1. Love your site, and I am so glad that you visited my site at “Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror.” I am not a PK myself, but I gave birth to two and raised three! My hubs is a now retired UM Pastor – we served “all over,” starting out in The New York Conference, moved on to the Troy Conference (as it was back then – it included eastern part of upstate NY and the state of Vermont), then down to Holston Conference (SW Virginia and east Tennessee and just a “tad” of N Georgia), from which my husband “retired” after 45 years in active ministry, (37 of them – so far, anyway – married to me).

    My uncle was a UM Pastor (Louisiana Conference), and his children – my cousins – also referred to themselves as “PK’s” but their translation was “Preacher’s Kreatures!”

    I look forward to visiting your site frequently, and hope that you will come back to mine, “follow,” and “Facebook-like” me. I am currently doing a lot of writing – when not blogging – that is part of the manuscript of my memoir, working title, “Irreverently Yours – The Itinerant Life of a Pastor’s Wife.” I ask for as many “followers” and “likers” as possible, because it builds up a readership that will hopefully spill over into “book-buyers.” I can’t believe that I am soliciting followers – it’s very hard for me to self-promote – but I have been advised by my publicist and friend that it is a necessary part of the writing game!

    My site, BTW, is very eclectic – lots of different things, and I have recently started a photography blog in which to highlight my journey to becoming a better photographer. It is called “Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography,” and can be found at:

    Once again, thanks for your visit. I look forward to getting to “know” you better!


    1. Thank you for visiting Thoughts From The Porch and sharing with me about your life in the ministry. I will be visiting your site!

  2. I grew up Methodist in Alabama and saw many friends, children of our pastors, coming and going. I thought it must have been terrible for them. I love reading your adult perspective on that life. While I lived in one city for 22 years, I have moved cross country 5 times in the 27 years since then. I see blessings to both ways. Love your blog title and look forward to reading more.

  3. a week ago i attended my fortieth class reunion. i had never been able to attend any others. i was so nervous because i had changed so much in looks but i went and was glad i did. loved your blog today. it was so bright!

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