Trouble in the Left Lane

Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion (Photo credit: freefotouk)

Memorial Day weekend always marks the beginning of a lot of travel time for Jim and me. We kick our summer off with meeting Jim’s family in Gatlinburg for the Gaither Family Festival. This year was no different. Jim and I had boarded our black lab, Tori and packed the car on Thursday night. We wanted to get on the road as early as possible.

On Friday morning we were up and ready to hit the road. It looked like beautiful weather for the day so we decided we would travel with the top down on the convertible. As the morning and day progressed it was all smooth sailing. It was smooth sailing until we reached right out of Knoxville, TN on I-40 where traffic slowed to a snail’s pace in the left lane no less.

As Jim and I moved five feet every fifteen minutes, we were trying to speculate what the trouble was ahead that was causing the slow moving traffic. Then, it happened. A UPS truck driver yelled down to us in our car and said; “the left lane is closed ahead and people are waiting to the last-minute to move over. I’m going to let you guys over.” We yelled back a “thank you!” and proceeded to move over to the right lane. Then, as we continued to move, Jim began to pass the word on to other drivers that would pull up beside us. He began letting others in the right lane just as the kind truck driver had done for us. Needless to say, we made it to our destination.

In life there are people sitting in the left lane barely moving right now.  They have no clue of  what is ahead of them.  Even more so, they are looking for an answer and/or some sort of direction to get out of this left lane.  As Christians, we are called to be just like that UPS driver that let Jim and me in the right lane. We need to tell them there is trouble ahead in the lane they are in. Along with letting them know about the trouble in the left lane, we need to let them in the right lane. Show them the better route in life. Also, let them know that when you get in the right lane life there is no question of where your final destination will be.

This right lane I am talking about is the lane of walking with the Heavenly Father. 2 Samuel 22:31 says; “God’s way is perfect. All the LORD’S promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to him for protection.” When I look at the television, hear the news and just see life going on around me, I see so many people stuck in that left lane. People are looking for alternative ways to find happiness.  They are pouring money into material things that they think will make them happy when all they need is someone to ‘show them the way’, the right way.  We  need to let them know about the trouble ahead and invite them into a life with Christ


Maybe you are a person that was once stuck in that left lane, bumper to bumper traffic and barely going anywhere and someone came up to you just as the truck driver did for us and said; “trouble ahead, I will let you in!” You took them up on the offer and the journey got a little easier. If you are that person, then look around you and see who is stuck in that left lane and guide them over to the right lane.  When you reach out to those stuck in that left lane, you are pleasing and honoring God. It is also in this reaching out that your relationship with your Heavenly Father strengthens and the angels sing.

How about it? Do you know someone stuck in that left lane? Isn’t it about time you let them over? In other words, ‘show them the way’ of living life in the right lane. And, that right lane is a life with Christ with a beautiful destination to be with our Heavenly Father.

“Then the way you live will always honor and please the LORD, and your lives will produce every kind of good fruit. All the while you grow as you learn to know God better and better.” Colossians 1:10

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