Play It Through

This picture popped up on my Facebook news feed the other day.  Immediately, as I laughed, I recall the many times in high school band when a piece of music was put in front of the group to site read. I never will forget the moans and groans when the piece was first handed out. Before playing the piece, we were given time to look it over and our director would sometimes point out potential trouble spots. Then, the time came to play the piece for the first time. Oh, it wasn’t a beautiful piece the first time played. Over time and multiple practice sessions, however, the piece would begin to sound more like what the composer meant for it to sound. Some of those pieces that were thrown down to site read eventually became the best played and favorite pieces of the band.

In life, there are times when we are asked to site read. In other words, we are put in situations that we know nothing about but have to do something right then and there. It is in that moment that we have a choice to either walk away and do nothing or we can jump in, look over the situation, listen to our director, and play it through.

As I write this, I am reminded of the times I walked away versus the times I listened to the director and played it through. Interestingly enough, the moments I walked away, in retrospect,were sources of my greatest regrets.  The pieces given to me looked too difficult and I then missed an opportunity to grow.  But, the times I have chosen to listen to my director and play it through have become the most precious of moments in my life. Not only were they precious moments but in each one I could look back and see where God molded me and how it was in those moments of playing it through deepened my relationship with him.

Has God given you a piece of music to site read? Are you moaning and groaning because the task looks too difficult? Maybe you are debating if you should stay and play it through or just walk away. Before you decide to walk away, may I suggest that you talk  and listen to the director. There is no a doubt in my mind that God has blessings in the midst of the task he has put before you. Who knows, it could turn out to be one of the most precious memories of your life not to mention a wonderful opportunity to grow in your relationship with your Creator.

“I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


8 thoughts on “Play It Through

  1. As one who has been playing the piano for 60 years now (I started at age 5, okay?), I have experienced the tremendous spurt of personal growth when my teacher entered me in sight reading competitions! Can you imagine? Anyway, once you have done 2 or 3 of these, you can play in the East Room at the White House without excessive nerves. I mean, THEY were silly enough to invite me, so why get all lathered up, you know? I LOVE this post and its analogies. Thank you. Great spiritual lessons here to ponder upon our life’s journeys.

  2. You are so right… when we, by faith, seek to do His will there is always a blessing awaiting us. No matter how hard the task, if we are faithful he will bless. Lord bless you April… thanks for a great reminder of our need to step out in faith.

  3. April, when I got to your paragraph that begins, “In life, there are times when we are asked to site read,” the experience of marriage immediately came to my mind. I think too many people simply give up too quickly once they have tied the knot, waking up the next morning to realize they don’t know “how to play the piece.” As you say, listening to the Director and following His instructions can get us through many a challenging circumstance, if only we give it a try and practice! Good object lesson, keep up the great posts!

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