Feeling Tall and Strong

Finally brothers and sisters, draw your strength from God.” Ephesians 6:10

A few weeks ago in my small group, we were sharing about our attitude and how we greet each day. In the midst of our sharing, one of the ladies in the group shared that she and her husband are always glad that they “woke up on the right side of the grass.” I can’t help but smile when I re-play that phrase in my head.

To go along with this thought, there is a friend of Jim’s when asked how he is doing, this friend’s response is; “I’m standing erect and drawing in air. Guess there is nothing to complain about if I am doing just that.” Again, a chuckle and reminder of being glad that God has given me another day to enjoy and experience the blessings he has planned for me.

Outlook. Perspective. Attitude. These are a few words that describe how we greet and look at each day. It is how we greet the day that usually determines how our day will go.

If we start our day frustrated, our head filled with negative thoughts and just with simple dread because of our schedule, the day will likely be a bust by noon. And, we will certainly miss the blessings God has planned for us on that day.  However, if we greet each morning joyfully and thank God for waking us and invite him into our day, more than likely we will be able to cope and deal with whatever is on our schedule or comes our way. We will also be more in tuned to experience God’s blessings.

Psalm 100 is a Psalm that expresses giving thanks to God. The writer of this Psalm reminds us that we are sons and daughters of our King. We are also reminded that God loves us more than we can ever comprehend while walking in this earthly world. I also sense a gentle reminder in this Psalm that is with us in anything and everything. For this reason, it is important to seek God’s blessings and be mindful of his mighty presence from sun up to sun down.

 Another phrase I love and get a chuckle from is one that my son says to me on occasions. Drew will come up to me and ask if I am feeling tall and strong. Usually, my response to that question will depend on my mood at the moment and/or how my day is going and/or went. But, as I share with you and read Psalm 100, I know I should feel tall and strong every day no matter the circumstances that surround me. In writing this post, I am brought to the realization that my Father is with me in ALL that I do. Whatever challenges that may come my way, I know it is his love that will see me through.

Feel God

Today, my challenge to you is to thank God as you rise and shine on “the right side of the grass.” Then, thank  your Heavenly Father that you are able to stand erect and draw in air.” Last but not least, invite God into your day to walk with you so that you will be nothing but “feeling tall and strong.”

“With  God by my side, I am nothing but TALL AND STRONG!

10 thoughts on “Feeling Tall and Strong

  1. This is awesome April! At least I’m not the only one who wakes up feeling like I am walking on sunshine! Sometimes I wake up smiling so much I ask myself if I ever went on The Price Is Right ( Bob Barker hosting ) would I have the same excitement! It’s like I have euphoria running through my veins like an adrenaline rush! I wake up so grateful to be alive! I just can’t help it! Lol.

    Blessings to you sister! ❤

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