Let’s Talk

In my previous post, Hide and Seek I share how God is seeking us most when we have sinned. He longs for our return to being in relationship with him. Once we quit hiding from God and accept his love and grace, the journey does not stop there. God not only wants us to come to him asking for forgiveness when we have done wrong but he wants a daily relationship with us.

As we know, to be in a healthy relationship with anyone, communication is the key. It requires daily conversation expressing with the other person expressing what is on our heart and mind. Being in relationship with God is no different. He wants to be in constant communication with us.

Prayer is the key to our relationship with God. It is through prayer where we come to the Father seeking his will, pouring our hearts out to him and giving him our request. Yes, God already knows what is on our hearts and minds but he wants us to come to him with those things so that we will be in relationship with him.

Communication is a two-way street. You can’t have a conversation without the other person or persons responding back to what we have said. The same is true when in relationship with God. Yes, we go to God in prayer with what is on our hearts but it is equally important to be still and listen to his voice. He has plans for us and he wants to tell us and direct us towards the purpose he has for us.

How does God talk to us? It could be through conversation with another person and that person saying the very thing we need to hear or giving us that push that we need to make the next move in our life. God can speak to us through music, nature, reading and in daily bible study. In order to hear the whispers of God talking to us, we must be in tuned to everything around us and how God is a part of all that we do.  There are also times where we need to simply seek a quiet place and just absorb ourselves in his spirit to hear what he is telling us.

When is the last time you talked with God sharing what was on your heart? And, when was the last time you simply were in tuned to his voice to hear his purpose for you? In the business of your world, I encourage you to stop and take time to talk with God. If you haven’t already, begin that relationship with God and nurture it daily with prayer.   After all, God is saying; Let’s Talk.” 

“Early in the morning, Jesus got up,left the house while it was still dark outside, and went to a deserted place to pray.” Mark 1:35

Thursday, May 3, 2012 is National Day of Prayer. May you take a moment to stop and pray for your neighbor, community, government, and our hurting world.



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