“Suddenly their eyes were open to a reality previously unknown. For the first time, they sensed their vulnerability and rushed to hide their naked bodies, stitching fig leave into crude loincloths.” Genesis 3:7 (From The Voice Bible)


Do you know when the first Hide and Seek game took place? It took place in Genesis 3:7. Remember? God told Adam and Eve NOT to eat from the Tree of Knowledge but they instantly showed they were human and listened to the voice of the serpent. Once they ate from the Tree of Knowledge, we learn that their eyes were opened and they begin to cover themselves and hide from God. But, did they really hide from God? No. God knew immediately what they had done and where they were. Hence, this Hide and Seek game became known as the moment man became separated from God.

When we were children, we have all played the Hide and Seek game. One person is chosen as the seeker and the others are to go hide. Then, the seeker counts to a number and then begins to seek the rest of the group.  I remember times when playing this game where the group would try to trick the one who was the seeker.

As adults, we still play the Hide and Seek game. In this game, we are more like Adam and Eve. We do, say, or think things that we know do not meet the approval of God and His Word. When we sin, we tend to want to go run and hide from God and place the blame on someone or something else. Just as original sin separated man from God, our sin separates us from God.

Yet, when we attempt to hide due to sin, we must realize that God is seeking us. We cannot trick God while we are in hiding thinking he will never find us.He doesn’t want rationale of why we sinned. He doesn’t buy into the blame game or scapegoats because he created us and knows our hearts.  It is in these moments where God  is seeking us the most. God longs for us to come to him through His Son, Jesus Christ, to confess our sin and accept his forgiveness. God sent his Son so that we could be forgiven, not feel ashamed, and have life eternal. Once we seek God’s forgiveness, we must face the realities of our consequences, learn from the mistake, and ask Christ to be our strength to help us when those moments of weakness come again.

How do you want to live your life? A life of hiding or a life of seeking?