We Are The Champions!!

2012's NCAA Champions
University of Kentucky Wildcats


“I press toward the goal for the prize of upward call of in God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3: 14

Last night, time stood still in Kentucky. It was an intense and exciting two hours between the hours of 8:00-10:00 central time. The University of Kentucky not only made it to the “Big Dance” in New Orléans, LA but they had made it to the final game that would determine the championship of this year’s college basketball.  The coaches, players and fans of both the Jayhawks and the Wildcats were all pumped and ready for the battle of the championship. It was two hours of intense playing, cheering by the fans  and coaching for both teams. As the final seconds on the clock began to click away,  there was not a doubt that Kentucky was about to be “The Champions.”

The song, We Are The Champions  was made popular by the rock group Queen in the early 1980’s. Ever since it hit the airways it has been popular for sports teams winning championships and used in other championship venues. I am sure somewhere in the last twenty-four hours it has been played in honor of the big championship win last night.

The song,  We Are The Champions  reminds me of the never-ending challenges Christians face in today’s world. We awake every day and step into battle for the Kingdom of God. As I reflected on this thought,  I thought  of the early Christians. Early Christians were persecuted, stoned, hanged and even fed to the lions.  When you look at the grand scheme of things, it is not much different today for Christians. In today’s world, Christians encounter  their traditions, values, morals and beliefs are becoming more and more challenged and squeezed out.  Missionaries in other countries risk their lives every day to spread the gospel to a non believing world. Christian ministers are in prison cells in other countries awaiting trial and possible execution.

Bone chilling isn’t it? Yet, the way things are changing it is easy to become desensitized to what is happening to the Christian world and simply accept it as “it is just the way things are.”  Even though the easy way to deal with the world would be to just accept the changes of the world, as Christians, we must stay attentive. We must keep our eye on the goal and that is the goal of eternal life with our Creator. In keeping our eye on that goal we must dress in our armor every day. This armor includes prayer, having the scriptures engraved in our hearts, and stand up for what we believe and that is Christ is the way, the truth and the life. (John 14:6)

Each day comes and goes. And, with each day that comes and goes comes more and more challenges. But, when it that final championship game is played,  we must remember that “We ARE the champions and we will NEED to keep fighting for what we believe and know is true  to the end”……until the day Christ comes and takes His bride. 


3 thoughts on “We Are The Champions!!

  1. We fight on together, sure of our reward in the final contest! Praise be, April! I, who have many 3rd cousins in Kentucky, was also rooting for them! (I also have a couple of first cousins in Kansas, but they are transplants, okay?Ha!)

    • ( : Smiles from Kentucky…. I am a transplant to Kentucky. I grew up in Georgia where I was born in Athens, Ga…home of this team known as the Bulldogs….also where my grandfather taught at one time and where my dad obtained his four year degree. But, as we know God has a since of humor. I married a Kentucky boy who bleeds blue all the way through….so, I have learned to cheer for Kentucky except when they play Georgia!

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