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Remember the days of black and white television? I remember watching television in black and white and the day the big color console television was delivered to our home. Now, for those who remember watching black and white television, do you remember the lifestyle people lived back  in those days?

Years ago, when our parents and grandparents were coming up there was more than just black and white television. Even in some of us in approaching the wonder years of 50, remember such days.  Everything was black and white. What I mean by black and white is that there was right and there was wrong. People lived by the Ten Commandments and understood that there were just that commandments and NOT suggestions! If a child showed disrespect or was unruly, they were punished. Children were raised to know that there were consequences for every action.

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These days, it seems the colors black and white are becoming more and more blended and there seems to become an increasing amount of shades of grey. For example, in our media world, we see more and more people justify what they do despite the fact that it is wrong. Morals and values are becoming more and more things of the past. You can turn the television on anytime of the day and be exposed to things that should not even be on television. In today’s society, whatever it takes to bring in top ratings takes priority.  Over the course of time, we become more desensitized and the boundaries get pushed a little further.

Not only is our media guilty of surrounding us with more shades of grey but in society today it seems that the rule book has been tossed to the side. It has become a society of people caught up in what they want for themselves and don’t care who they step on to get what they want. If someone hurts another its okay but revenge can be sought. When someone gives someone something such as a gift, the receiver has the mentality; “I deserved this and it didn’t come soon enough.” Then, the giver walks away with the mentality  “now you owe me.” And, forgiveness. It hardly exists anymore. Instead, it seems to be more fun to go on a smear campaign against the one who hurt us.

could not care less

Every day, we are each confronted with issues where we have to make choices. These choices are not the choices of what we will eat, wear or what we will do in our career but these choices are what are we going to expose our hearts, minds and spirits to during the waking hours of the day.  For the Christian, this is becoming more and more of a challenge. There are places in the world where Christians are being arrested for their beliefs.  The morals and values  are not gradually diminishing but they are on a fast downward spiral.

watch your thoughts


These thoughts really hit my heart the other day when I was watching a program on one of the Christian television stations that I enjoy. The speaker pointed out the scripture from Isaiah: :“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil. Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness. Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitterness.” Isaiah 5:20. Woe! Did this reading of God’s word hit me in between the eyes. Or. should I say this scripture opened my eyes to the ways of the world even more. Yes, we are in the times where good is no longer acknowledged, Christians are losing rights as each day passes and it seems the more evil something is the better  people like it.

With this scripture from Isaiah in mind, we as Christians need to be asking daily for discernment, wisdom, and staying in step with God. It is our responsibility to stand firm on the foundation that we have established as Christ’s Church. We need to begin leading by getting back to the basics of black and white and realize there are NO shades of grey. It is those areas of grey that we all have lived in at one point and time where we will have to face our creator one day and will be held accountable. Is there any real honest explanation for living in the grey?


Remember the days of black and white television? These televisions had only three basic channels and a small screen? Well, this is our template of how we need to walk our Christian walk. It is our responsibility to live out loud the black and white. We live this mentality of black and white by obeying not only the Ten Commandments that God gave Moses to give the  people. We must obey all instruction from the bible.  The three basic channels we must live out loud are a life of prayer, including God in ALL that we do, and stick with the basic instruction book, the Bible. Because in the bible, there are no grey areas. It is all black and white and those who tried to live in the grey did not fair so well. For the small screen,  may we limit how we allow the world’s attempts to pull us over into the areas of grey.

He makes all things beautiful

My challenge for all of us is to begin each day asking for God’s guidance, asking for discernment, and wisdom. We must take heed in what Jesus said to His disciples as He talked about the End Times. His instructions to the disciples and to us today were this; Take heed that no one deceives you.” Matthew: 24:4 Every day we are confronted with deception but we have the choice of buying into that deception and living in the grey. Or, we can make the choice of standing firm on the Word of God and His instructions.

my way or God's way

What’s it going to be today? Black and white or grey? If you don’t already, I suggest you begin reading the Basic Instruction Book Before Leaving Earth better known as the Bible! And, each day, remember those commandments God gave Moses were not mere suggestions they were instructions for ALL people.