What Is Your PR?

Drew running in middle school…College View Middle, Owensboro, Kentucky

My son, Drew is a runner. He began running when he was in seventh grade. I will never forget the first practice I took him to. It was a very hot August morning.  It was not going to surprise me if he got in the car after practice and say “this is not for me.” But, he proved me wrong. Drew hopped in the car and said; “practice tomorrow eight sharp!”  As each day of practice came and went, Drew’s endurance and times would improve.


For those of you who run or ever ran cross-country or track know that you are not only competing with your team to beat the competition but you are competing with yourself. It is the goal of every runner to improve his/her PR (personal record) times each time he/she competes. This competition against self is even greater in 5k’s and marathons.


There were races where Drew would run and he would feel like he was running with weights around his ankle. These races were frustrating for Drew because he knew what his personal best could be and should have been. However, at the end of the day, Drew would put that race behind him and look towards the next start line/race. Even though he would put the bad race behind, he would evaluate and note where he made the mistake, look to see where he needed to improve. The questions Drew would ask himself were; “Did I start out too fast?” “How well did I actual pace myself.”  “How focused was I on the race?”

In my post Don’t Give Up..Finish the RaceI share how we each run a race. The race we run is the day in and day out of living. There are good days and there are bad days. In other words, we have good races and races we would like to forget. This post also expresses how God and his angels are on the sidelines cheering us on to the finish.

Every now and then we all look back on days past. Sometimes, we think to ourselves; ‘What was I thinking?’ Yes, we all say hindsight is 20/20 and the best teacher of all. Yet, in those moments when we look back, we need to see the lessons learned and how these decisions were all a part of God’s molding us. Each one of us has personal goals and things we want to achieve each and every day. Yes, we all have a PR(personal record).

clip board with whistle

There are some days where we meet our PR or even exceed the record. Then there are other days where we wish we could just go crawl in a hole and hide. It is on these days, where we need to evaluate our day and see the mistakes made. Next, we need to learn from those mistakes and move on to the next start line. In other words, we move on to the next new day with our personal record and with knowledge of how to go about the day a little better.

Yes, I know that all of us encounter a moment where we wish we got a do over but life does not work that way. God does not give us do over but he gives us a new slate each day. It is the Lenten season and we are encouraged to stop and evaluate our race strategy. We can ask ourselves similar questions that my son, Drew would ask after a race.  

“Am I starting out too fast?” In other words, am I starting the day in such a hurry that I forget to ask God to come along with me?

“Am I pacing myself appropriately?”  When I am asked to do things am I doing it out of obligation, or are these things God is calling me to do?

“Am I focused on the race?” As I begin each day, do I focus on God and stay tuned in to His voice. Do I see the goal at the end of the day?

start line

Every day we are placed on a new start line. No matter if we did or didn’t meet our PR the day before, we are given another chance to improve.  My PR is to allow Christ show through me in every step and action I take each day. Yes, there are days when I meet this PR and then there are others where I just want to crawl in a hole. But, I know I must evaluate, surrender to God and be ready for the next start line. So what is your PR?

We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life. Romans 6:4


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  1. Every day is a blessing and chance to be renewed.

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