Savoring the Story

Ever since I learned to read, I have always been an avid reader. I have a love for books and knowledge. It has been nothing for me to read two or three books in a week. However, in the last year this has not  been the case. With weddings and other life events happening this past year, my stack “to be read” has grown. This past holiday season I tried to get things ready in such a way that I would have some free time for reading.

The book I am savoring at the moment!

Yes, I began a book. It is a Christmas Christian fiction story with its fun chuckle here and there. Yet, as I write this post, this very book sits by my purse waiting for me to finish. I take it with me wherever I go trying to get a page or chapter or two read while I wait at appointments and such. Me trying to finish this Christmas story is becoming as comical as some of the characters’ antics in the story itself. Today, as I picked my book and purse to move off the kitchen table, I chuckled and said to myself; “nothing like savoring a story.” My New Year’s Resolution was to tackle my reading list with vengeance. Three months into the year and I can say that I am nowhere near this resolution!

We are three weeks into Lent. This is a time where we remember Christ’s fasting, the temptations he faced with Satan and most of all we recall His ministry.  As we continue on our journey through Lent, let’s take time to savor the stories of Jesus. Read those familiar parables, how He healed the sick and spoke up for the outcast, taught forgiveness, unconditional love and grace. Then, as we read these stories, let’s apply His teachings and live them out in our every day actions. I encourage you not to only apply these teachings to your lives but to share the stories of Jesus with those God places in your daily path.

In the meantime, along with reading the stories of Jesus, I will keep on my attempt to finish my book. As I write this, I look at my stack of books and wonder which one will I savor next.  Or, deciding which one is the easiest to carry around from appointment to appointment.

Tell me the stories of Jesus; the ones I love to hear.”



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2 thoughts on “Savoring the Story

  1. Enjoyed your post, and chuckled along with you. Isn’t it a bummer when life gets in the way of all the things we “want” to do! Many of us have the same challenge, but in the end, getting the right things done – those that have eternal value – is most important.

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