Don’t Feed The Dragon

Dragon Green

All of us a familiar with the dragon. At some point and time we have experienced his fire. We have also helped him with the fire that he spits out. And, as you know, when he spits fire, everything around him burns.

This dragon is better known as gossip. Yes, most of us have been the subject of gossip at some point and time. We have also helped in the gossip pool by joining in and giving our input. Or,we take what we have heard and share our interpretation of the story.

As we participate in gossip, we are the fire of the dragon. The more we participate in gossip the more we  allow others around us to burn with the fire. And, sometimes the fire burns so much that there is no way to repair the damage that has been done.

Proverbs 11:13 says; “A  gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret.”  We all know both types of people. There are those who you can confide in and they will take the information to the grave before revealing what they know. Then, there are others we know that we are best just not saying anything to at all. Along with not confiding in those who can’t keep a secret, we must learn to take what they say with a grain of salt. It is important that we remember that some things get lost in translation which can even make the dragon blow even more fire and destroying more in its path.

Each day we are faced with the  dragon. This dragon may be in the carpool group, work settings, school and the list of where we are exposed to the dragon goes on. It is important that we start our day out in prayer with God asking him not only to guide our steps but to guide our thoughts and words. Yes, there will even  be times where the dragon will disguise himself and you don’t realize you have fed him until the fire begins spitting out. Thus,we must also ask God to give us discernment and wisdom to what we hear.

My advice/encouragement for today is simply this; “don’t feed the dragon!”  Place these words from Proverbs 26:20 on your heart.

Without wood a fire goes out;

without gossip a quarrel dies down.




2 thoughts on “Don’t Feed The Dragon

  1. I’m giving up “the Dragon” for Lent. No one in my family thinks I’ll be completely successful, but they’re cheering me on. I’ve given up caffeine, soda, and chocolate in other years, but I reallly felt the Holy Spirit saying, “And what good does giving up something physical do for your spiritual well-being?” So I’m tackling something harder, Pray for me. Great post. So timely for me.

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