We Are Not A Perfect People

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“Each day we make decisions that move us closer to a life of virtue or vice. We face decisions whether to be greedy or generous, self-centered or self-sacrificing, condemning or forgiving, cursing or blessing.  No Matter who we are, we must choose the narrative we will practice daily.”

 [Taken from The Good and Beautiful Life; page 27]

In my last post,  I shared a letter that I wrote to God expressing to him what I want most in life. In concluding this post, I shared the phrase that is written above from the book The Good and Beautiful Life by James Bryan Smith. As I read this phrase more and more, it really made me search my inner soul.


In the searching and examining of my soul, I realize that there have been times when I have chosen not to live the virtuous life that God has intended me to live. There have been times when I have acted out of selfishness, and wanting immediate happiness and satisfaction. There have been days when my narrative has probably been  far from a blessing to others.  Yet, in realizing that there have been days that I have fallen short of God’s glory, I know that I must place these things and days of the past at the feet of Jesus. When I place these actions and/or thoughts at the feet of Jesus, I know that is where they will stay.  I am then able to walk away forgiven with a new slate and another chance. Over time, I am craving even more to live a life of Christ’s example and not a life of man’s example. In the midst of this  experience of realizing my stumbles and seeking God’s forgiveness, I find that there are some things in this world that once looked appealing and no longer have that appeal. Instead, I see these things as ugly, sometimes hurtful to others and they can lead to loneliness.

holding God's hand

Nowadays, life is hard. There is so much being thrown at us of what  a person needs to be happy, to survive, and to make a good impression. As these things are thrown at us through media, peer pressures and other means,  we must realize that these things are of man’s world and not of God’s world.  It takes getting up every day and putting on the armor of God and purposely deciding that Christ will be the center of our day and of our decisions.  And, yes, we are still going to stumble at times, but when walking with God we know He will pick us up. He will forgive us and will continue to walk with us on our journey.

Is there something or some things that weigh your heart down? Are you unhappy with past decisions? I encourage you to lay them at the feet of Jesus. It is when you lay the things that burden you, the vices that you know are not good for you at the feet of Jesus.  At that point, you begin to experiencing inner peace and joy.  You begin to crave living a virtuous life, a life of putting on Christ each day and keeping Him in the center of all the choices we make each and every day.

emmaus Jesus

Yes, there will be days you will stumble. On those days, go back to the feet of Jesus, confess to Him and allow His forgiveness to work in  your heart and life. After all, we are not perfect people, we are people working towards perfection.

love overflowing

Here is a wonderful reminder to take with us on our daily journey; But you, O man of God, flee these things and pursue the righteousness, godliness, faith,love, patience, gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith, , lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.” I Timothy 6:11-12


6 thoughts on “We Are Not A Perfect People

  1. Ahh this blog is great! Forgiveness, I’ve recently discovered, is the foundation for EVERYTHING I really want. I used to ask God, why, why, why He didn’t give me peace and joy like He promised. It was because I was clutching my burdens of sin to my heart, afraid to let them go, ashamed and exhausted from pretending to be good. In the last two weeks I’ve felt more peace and joy than in my whole life and it’s only because I know I’m forgiven. HE IS SO GREAT!! I could scream, but there are people around so I’ll just TYPE IN CAPS INSTEAD! WOOHOO! 😛

  2. Beautiful pictures, lovely words, and a great song, April.
    You’ve put together a wonderful combination here.

    It is altogether correct – the show must go on.

    Hanging with The Prince Of Peace, I am.
    Uncle Tree 🙂

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