Blessings in the Storm

Life can be difficult at times. Many times we are all faced with unknowns. There are some days when we wish we could look into a crystal ball and get our answers. But, God did not create us to know everything and especially know our future.  He places the unknowns into our lives so that... Continue Reading →


Don’t Just Give Up but Get Up!

It seems time continues to rapidly go by and seems to go even faster as I get older. I feel like it was just this last week, we were in worship celebrating the birth of Christ. As I sit down to write this post, January is almost over. "Where is the time going?" I say to myself.... Continue Reading →

We Are Not A Perfect People

“Each day we make decisions that move us closer to a life of virtue or vice. We face decisions whether to be greedy or generous, self-centered or self-sacrificing, condemning or forgiving, cursing or blessing.  No Matter who we are, we must choose the narrative we will practice daily.”  [Taken from The Good and Beautiful Life; page... Continue Reading →

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