Go Tell It!


In my December posts from last year and this year, I have shared the roles my son chose to be in telling the Christmas story when he was  a child. Since the Advent Season has begun, we have either seen or will see the Christmas story told in churches, shown with live nativities in various places and/or will share many versions of the Christmas story. Last year, there was the Google Search that showed what it would be like if Google existed back in the day. This year, we have seen how the story would be told via Facebook. Then, this afternoon, I find the video of the Google Earth Christmas  which is another beautiful sharing of the Christmas story as told in Luke.

No matter how the Christmas story is told, whether it be kids dressed up in their finest bathrobe to tell the story, box office hit movies telling the Christmas story, or the Social Media sharing how the news would spread in today’s world, the message remains the same. God sent His Son for us. Christ came to be our Prince of Peace, message of hope and forgiveness.

As we continue through this Advent Season, may you seek a way to share the story of this Prince that came to bring hope and forgiveness to a broken world. You will have your own way of sharing it but non the less “Go Tell It!”  Tell people what Christmas is ALL about!

Christmas Blessings


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