That’s Our Story…What’s Your’s


Home Where The Heart Is…Hung November 19, 2011

Barn quilts are becoming very popular in our area and in surrounding areas. You can go for a drive on a back road and see them on old barns, buildings and some on houses. These barn quilts were first made and hung on old barns to preserve the barn.  Having friends who quilt and from enjoying these unique barn quilts on drives on back roads, I became all the more interested in them.  A little over a month ago, I suggested to Jim that we ought to see what one has to do to get a barn quilt. After all, our anniversary was coming up and there isn’t anything we really need.  Jim and I decided getting a barn quilt as an anniversary gift to each other.

When we met with one of the volunteer coordinators through the County Extension Office, we began talking about design. Each barn quilt that is made is a one of a kind.  Jim and I looked through pattern books, talked about the message we wanted our quilt to convey to the passer-by. After much thought, we decided on a heart, with red, white and blue colors along with a star on the heart. This pattern would tell the story of us and would also include other family members.

The heart symbolizes our love for each other. In other words, Home Is Where The Heart Is. The red, white and blue, along with the star is placed in honor/memory of family members who have stepped out to serve our country.  The quilt shares the story of our home and family.

This barn quilt is a symbol. It is a symbol that each person in our family is unique. We are each one of a kind. It symbolizes the love that our home is centered on and the sacrifices family members have made for us to have our home and freedom. Just like this barn quilt, we as Christians have a symbol as a reminder of who we are in God’s family. This symbol is the cross.

Being children of God, we are each unique in our own way. Our lives are centered on the greatest love. This love is the love of Jesus Christ. The cross is our symbol of the ultimate sacrifice that has been made for ALL of us.   On the cross, Jesus Christ gave His life for ALL of us. Through His sacrifice of taking our sin and punishment, we are made free.

Shrine of Christ Passion, St. John, IL

Just as the barn quilt is a focal point in our yard giving passer by’s a glimpse of who the Hawkins are, the cross should be the focal point for all of us. It is the way of the cross that tells our story, gives other a glimpse of the greatest love we can have in our lives. Most of all, it symbolizes the freedom we have when we ask Christ into our lives.

Most families have some sort of symbol, crest, or tradition that tells their story. What is your symbol that tells the story of your home? But, most importantly, does your home focus on the symbol of God’s amazing love, the cross?

“Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6