"A man cannot be established through wickedness, but the righteous cannot be uprooted." Proverbs 12:3


Spam. When we hear this word we no longer think of the distasteful luncheon meat but we think of it as junk that comes into our email, blog sites and Facebook. In recent days, I have been hit by SPAM. In my comment section, I received some nicely worded comments which at first when reading thought  these comments sounded okay. Being on a tight schedule this week, I hastily let these comments through. This evening, I  screened some of these comments. Needless to say,  they needed to be SPAMMED and trashed! I was even appalled that some of these had slipped past me and got posted on my comments. The readers that were making what sounded like nice thoughts and said that they appreciated my encouraging words,  were deceiving me into allowing their links to be seen on my site.  Needless to say, some of these links are questionable and go against the very purpose of my website. Delete/Trash is a wonderful option when screening postings, comments and email.

Some of my Facebook friends have been SPAMMED at times. I know when a post hits the News Feed. These posts usually say that my friend liked a link. Then, I see the caption and picture to the link. There is not a doubt in my mind that  the particular post is nothing that my friend would like, read or enjoy. When I have seen this happen, I have tried to let my Friend know that they may want to double-check their account and privacy settings.

The email is no different. Every other day, I go through my Spam box and begin deleting. Most of these unwanted emails are wanting me to join some sort of organization, buy something, or they are  trying to get me to click to win instant money. In other words, they are emails of trying to tempt me into sliding down a slippery slope. However, there are occasions where an email from a friend ends up in the Spam box or a business transaction may land in the Spam box by accident.  When screening through the Spam, it takes discretion, and wisdom to know who is actually legit in order to move the message to the appropriate box.

As I wrote in my post “What Is Your Heart Condition?,”  I share how written words are just as poisonous as speaking them.  People are watching what we say and what we do. Our actions, the materials we read, the comments and links  we share and/or approve or not approve of speak loudly of the real person within.  As children of God, we carry a big responsibility of being accountable for ALL of our actions. We  need to  walk in step with God in EVERYTHING  we do, and to seek His guidance, discretion and wisdom in every moment of our day.

Just like these Spammers, Satan would love to do nothing but to capture one of God’s children and begin them down that slippery slope.  He is an expert in knowing where our weaknesses are, what is most tempting for us, and he knows just how to put that carrot in front of us. Satan would like nothing better for us to believe what he has to offer is a wonderful deal and he attempts to make his words read sweet like honey.  He makes his offers look legit and positive to the point we hit that “Approve” button without a second thought. Only later to find out, it was his cover to lure us to the “dark side” and we needed to hit that “Trash/Delete Permanently” button.

Spam. Just like the luncheon meat there are those who go for it and those who can’t tolerate it. When that carrot of Spam is dangled in front of us to take a chance to win something, to buy something, take a survey, or simply approve a comment or link, it is then we need to pray for wisdom, discernment and ask God to guide us. It is through this careful discernment that we will either hit the “Approve” button or simply “Trash/Delete” button. Believe it or not, there are people out there watching to see which we will do. Thus, what we approve of or disapprove of is a non-verbal witness to those who are placed in our path.  We show our heart condition.

Yes, just like yours truly, there are days when we are not on our A game and we allow comments, links and things of the like get past us.  When this happens, if possible, correct the situation. But, most of all, we need to ask God for forgiveness, learn our lesson and move on. How we handle those slips and stumbles also shows others our true heart condition. 

As I share in my About April and my Greetings, the purpose of my web site is to share the love and light of Christ. My goal is to encourage people in their daily walk with God. If they are not in relationship with God, it is my prayer that something I share may sow a seed and lead them to Christ. Most of all, I want links that are attached to my site to be links that offer the same type of smiles, love and encouragement. In other words, I want you to see my true heart condition.

As you journey in the days ahead carry this Proverb with you:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

In ALL your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6