You Said Yes…So We Can Be Free

Arlington Cemetery

I will walk  about in freedom, for I have sought hope in your precepts.  I will speak before kings and will not be put to shame, for I delight in your commands because I love them. I lift my hands to your commands, which I love and I meditate on your decrees.” Psalm 119:45-48

In 1918, the First World War was in action. On this day in history in 1918, a temporary cessation of battle between the Allied nations and Germany took place. A year later, this day of cessation was recognized and honored. This day in history would become known as Armistice Day.

Armistice Day would become Veteran’s Day after the World War II and Korean Wars were fought. From this point on ALL Veterans would be honored regardless of the war that they served and/or fought.

November 11th  we will observe and honor ALL of our men and women who have served and/or fought to protect our rights as United States citizens. Not only will we honor our Veterans who have served but we will think of those who are currently serving our country.

Today, when you bow your head to pray, think of the men and women who fought for you to have the right to pray. For those of us who write whether it be for magazines, newspapers, or bloggers like myself, thank a Veteran for the freedom you have to express your thoughts and feelings. As you share the love of Christ with others, thank a soldier who has fought or who is fighting for you to have that right to witness without fear of losing your life.

When you take that dollar out to buy that drink or pay for an item, look at your money.  On your dollar bill you will see “In God We Trust.”  It was our forefathers building our nation with God as its foundation.  “In God We Trust“, also represents the men and women who have made sacrifices for us to preserve our nation’s foundation. They have trusted God to carry them through the battle and to take care of those who are home waiting for their return.

Today, thank a Veteran. Observe and honor ALL those who have served and who have served.  You may observe the day by wearing red as a reminder of those who have served and/or serving. Or, you may want to visit a grave site of a known solider and leave a flag  in remembrance of their sacrifice and as a token of appreciation.  Write a letter or send a care package to someone who is away from home in a foreign land working day and night to protect your freedom. Send a thank you note to the family who is at home while their loved one is away. Thank these families for the sacrifices that they are making so that their loved one can protect us. Ask a family who has someone in the service if there is something you can do for them while their loved one is away.  Most of all pray for these service men and women along with their families.

As I begin my day, I want to honor family members who have won the ultimate battle and have the ultimate freedom.  In Arlington cemetery, the following family members are laid to rest and are honored for their service to their country:

Henry John King

New York




His bride is laid to rest beside him, Clara Louise King. She kept the home fires going as my great-grandfather was off at war.

Carl R. Hill, Sr





His bride Louise Virginia Hill is laid to rest with my grandfather. I have heard many stories from my dad about how my grandmother would have to pack four kids and move while my grandfather was fulfilling his call to duty. From these stories, my grandmother had to have true grit to do what she had to do to take care of the family.

Albert E. Evans




Daniel Henry Hill




My Uncle Dan was my dad’s younger brother who was laid to rest in Arlington August, 2011. He is survived by his wife Paula, two sisters and my dad, Carl R. Hill, Jr.

Last but not least, I would like to honor my son’s best friend who was laid to rest in June, 2011. Joshua Yeckering was serving in the US Navy when he lost his life in a tragic accident. Josh was a determined young man. His personal motto was “I can do better” no matter how well he had performed whether it be a task in the military, running a marathon or in academics. He had served in Afghanistan. God had a different set of orders for Josh. Josh was deployed to heaven where he finished his race and won the ultimate battle.

There are others in my family who have served our country. My dad served in the US Army.  I have other uncles and  cousins who have served and a brother-n-law who has served our country.

 To all of these brave men, I want to say thank you for stepping up to the call to protect our freedoms.

To all of our men and women who serve in our law enforcement, fire departments, reserves, emergency services and homeland security, thank you for stepping out and answering to the call of duty. Each day you risk your life to protect the citizens of our country.  You have families that make sacrifices for you to answer that call of duty. To your families, a heart-felt thank you goes to them.

The video below is a Gaither Vocal Band song. I heard it for the first time several years ago while attending a Gaither Festival. The Gaither Festival that I attend is always on Memorial Day weekend. Somewhere in that weekend, the Vocal Band  will sing this song of freedom. As the lyrics in the song say; “Let Freedom Ring.”


Since this article was originally written, my son has also lost another friend Michael Cable who was killed in action.


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  1. Amen and Awesome! 10 stars should be available for this one. Thank you for standing with those who stand for us. God bless the men and women who protect our freedom… and may He bring blessings to you this day.


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