Do You Pick Peas or Do You Just Stay Here?

Do you pick peas or do you just stay here?


Growing up in a minister’s home gave many opportunities to meet many people and kindle many friendships. At one of our family’s appointments, we had next door neighbors, the Allens, Mr. Cape and Ms. Sarah. Ms. Sarah had a  brother-n-law  that was a retired minister. Reverend Bill Brackman would come to visit Ms. Sarah and Mr. Cape from time to time. As you would walk up to the Allen’s porch, you were always greeted with a smile, a welcome and a chair would be pulled up for you. If it were summer, a bowl of peas to be shelled may even land in your lap to work on as you visited. Then, if Reverend Brackman were there, he would not only greet you with a hand shake but he would ask this simple question; “do you pick peas or do you just stay here?” Of course, everyone would  say one or the other in reply to his question. Laughter would always follow.

Today, in bible study, we focused on the parable of the talents. After reading Matthew 25:14-20, we discussed what extravagant generosity was and the value of a talent during the time this story was told and the value of silver and gold today. In our discussion, it was shared of how we sometimes allow fear to get in the way of our going out and using our talent. It is an issue of stretching ourselves, trusting God and stepping out in faith. We are all given at least one talent. But, do we use the gifts that God gives us generously and without fear?

As the sharing time progressed, the topic came up about the guy given the one talent. You know, the one who went and buried it until the Master returned?  When the Master returned, the Master was not very happy about the one man with the one talent. In other words, this guy did not stretch himself, trust his Master and step in faith as the other the other two guys had done. One thought was maybe this guy was afraid he would lose the talent so he buried the talent where it would be safe until the Master’s return.

While discussion was shared around the room of this one guy with one talent, I shared that when we don’t stretch ourselves and step in faith we miss out on the blessings that our Master has planned for us. There have been times when I didn’t think I could do something God asked me to do.  I stretched myself in faith and when I did, it was through those times I received the most blessings.

I share about Reverend Brackman’s comment ; “do you pick peas or do you  just stay here?”  because I feel that this was his way of asking how are you serving your Master. As children of God, we are responsible for taking care of God’s creation. In other words we are given a choice to serve and pick peas for the Master or we can just stay here. The choice is ours.

If we choose to just stay here, we miss out in the joys of fellowship with others, relationship with others and with God. By just staying here, we simply miss the blessings God has for us.  In our just staying here, we are disobedient to God because He called us all to be His caretakers. We are not doing our job as a believer.

Yet, if we pick peas for our Master  we grow in our faith and in our relationship with our Lord.  We build new relationships with other people. Some of these relationships are for a long while and others are simply for just a moment in time. The end result of trusting, stepping out in faith and not burying our talent is that we are blessed beyond human comprehension. A sense of rejoicing will enter the heart.

In the days and weeks ahead, I challenge you as you begin your day to ask yourself; “Am I going to pick peas or am I just going to stay here?” Then, at the end of your day, ask yourself; “did I pick peas or did I just stay here?”  Then, I challenge you to write the blessings God sent your way for the day. If you picked peas, I can confidently say that your blessings will be overflowing. Last but not least, read Matthew 25:14-30 sometime in the days ahead and seek God’s calling of where He wants you to ‘pick peas.’  Our Master will return one day and we will have to explain why we did or didn’t pick peas for Him.


Dedicated in loving memory of  Sarah and Cape Allen and their family who always had a room on the porch for a visit and a bowl of peas to shell. Also, there was always a pecan pie and a Coke to go with the visit. They were dearly loved and made a lasting footprint on my heart.


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