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[tweetmeme] In past posts, I have written about how each one of us needs to carry our grace cards with us.  Along with carrying a grace card to use with others just as God gives us grace, I have written about the importance of laughing, sharing a smile and encouraging others. Now, that it is... Continue Reading →


All You Can Do Is Laugh

  The Christmas season has begun. For some, the season for Christmas shopping began on Thanksgiving night. The madness, the mayhem and rush to get that one must have item began.  As the madness began, Jim and I were in route to our second Thanksgiving celebration with family. We had spent Thanksgiving lunch with his... Continue Reading →

Can You Squeeze In A Little More?

Can You Squeeze In A Little More? Posted on December 27, 2010 by April [tweetmeme] When you read my post The Table Is Set,  I placed a picture of our family dining room table.  This table also holds very fond memories of my Mom’s mom.  Her name was Reba but us grandkids called her Rea.  This table belonged to Rea... Continue Reading →

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