Unfailing Love

My morning reminder of God’s Unfailing Love…”Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love, that we may sing for joy and be glad in ALL our days.” Psalm 90:14


In my bible study this past week, the focus was on God’s unfailing love. In one of the lessons, the question was asked what is the difference between God’s love and human love. My response was we as humans tend to put conditions on our love for others. God loves us no matter what we do. There are no conditions to God’s love. We will stumble and there are consequences but God still loves us.

This morning I had another reminder of God’s unfailing love. I took our shih tzu, Smokey out to take care of his morning business. He began to pick up leaves, sticks and play instead of getting the job done. This is quite common with Smokey. He sometimes will slip a stick of wood or a leaf into the house on his return to indoors. Smokey eventually took care of business and as he returned inside, he was given his treat for doing what he was supposed to do. He took his little treat to the foyer and began to eat it or at least that is what I thought he was doing. As I passed by him, I saw  what I thought were two treats. At first, I took one treat away seeing one was in his mouth and said ‘you don’t need two treats, we will save this one for later.’  When taking the treat from Smokey, he spit out what I thought was the other treat. Needless to say, it was not what I thought because from his mouth came out a rock  he had picked up outside. Smokey began to nudge the rock over to my direction as if to say; “this is for you.”  The irony was that this rock was the shape of a heart. “Wow!” I thought to myself. This week I have been learning more about God’s unfailing love and Smokey has just given me a heart that no one could have made. It was a morning reminder to me that God’s love was with me.

Later in the day, I encountered a problem regarding my blog site. I had gone on my site to add some articles to some of my posts and to make some minor changes. In the process of working on one of the post, the comment section was closed without my intending it to be closed. It was brought to my attention by another writer/reader. Oh, how bad I felt for this happening! In my “About April” section of my site, I encourage my readers to leave their thoughts and here the comments had been closed. I sunk in my chair with embarrassment and prayed for God’s grace to intervene. Most of all, I prayed that I would be forgiven by this reader. Of course, I immediately went in and addressed the problem. I want my readers to be able to leave a comment because it is all a part of learning and growing more in my faith journey. Though this mistake was unintentional, I still felt bad and did my best to rectify the situation. As I worked on fixing the mistake and begging for forgiveness, I was reminded of that heart that Smokey brought in this morning.  The words God’s unfailing love came to my mind and heart. God made me know that He was ever so present and loving me through remedying the situation.

The people of Israel are God’s have always been God’s chosen people. He gave them the Promise Land, fed them manna from heaven, and provided water from a rock when they were thirsty. Yet, God’s  chosen people  made mistakes and strayed from God from time to time.  They had consequences due to their straying but God still loved them.

The best of the best Christians are going to stumble and fall at times. We are all human and we do make mistakes. Sometimes, those mistakes are intentionally and other times unintentional. No matter the mistake, God loves us just as much as the day as the day he created us. Though there may be consequences for our mistakes at times, God is still there walking  and loving us through it all. His love is unfailing!

Isaiah 54:10 reminds us; “Though to mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the LORD, what has compassion on you.” 

May you feel God’s love and compassion in the days ahead.



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  1. What an inspiring post April….And the heart Smokey found….It’s so inspiring. When I read your words I feel the warmth and love you project. Thank you so much for sharing this post…Many blessings to you my friend….Robin

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