Capture the Moments


Don't start your week all folded up in a crunch...take time to sit at Jesus' feet.


As I begin my week this morning, I think of the list t of things that did not get completed over the weekend. Then, more things are added for the week. There is the pup to take care of, laundry to put away that was done over the weekend and now more laundry is stuffed in the hamper  as a result of the weekend. Even though Jim and I are now in the empty nest era of our lives, it seems there is even more to do than when our son, Drew lived at home. While, pondering through my mind of what needs to be tackled first, God tugs at my heart with words and thoughts to write and share. These thoughts have been rushing through my mind for days but daily tasks have taken over.  I tell God my list of things to do. He laughs and says” but you need time with Me.” 

As I write, there are newspapers to be picked up and taken out to the garage to the recycle box, laundry to be done, a bed to be made and other chores sitting here looking at me. Yet, as I think about time with being at Jesus feet and time to work on the house, I am reminded of a book I read a couple of years ago. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver shares how our daily demands of life can hinder our time and relationship with Christ.

Obviously, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World is based on the scripture in Luke 10: 38-42. Jesus has arrived at the home of Mary, Martha and his best friend Lazarus. On the kitchen counter is Martha’s check list of what needs to be done to entertain her guest. She is going non-stop. Yet, Mary is not in there helping her but she is in the living room sitting at the feet of Jesus visiting. I can imagine Martha’s frustration being the one putting it all together and not an ounce of help coming from Mary. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt? 

Martha approaches Jesus and ask if it bothers him that her sister, Mary is not in the kitchen helping her. I am sure her real thoughts were “tell my sister to get in here now and help!” But, Jesus did not take Martha’s side. Instead, He asked Martha why she was so worried and rushed. Jesus went on to explain that Mary was enjoying the fellowship, the good part of life. This fellowship that can never be taken away from Mary. A time that Mary will always carry in her heart.

Laundry, list from the weekend, cleaning, and errands are going to be there every day. But, sitting at the feet of Jesus by bible study, or by fellowship with others and just taking time to listen to someone is what will be remembered. Think of a time when you experienced Jesus through someone because they stopped, listened, and absorbed fellowship with you. Do you remember the trivia every day stuff going on at that time? Or, do you remember the imprint of Christ’s love placed on your heart because this person stopped what they were doing?

When we stop and sit at the feet of Jesus, we not only experience Jesus through others but we may be Jesus to someone who needs a prayer, who needs fellowship and expressions of Christ love shared with them. It is in these times of being at Jesus’ feet that we grow in our faith and grow closer to our Creator and His Son in relationship. Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World emphasizes that God isn’t interested in our daily list of chores but He is interested in having companionship, fellowship, and relationship with us.

On page nine in my copy of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World, I have these words highlighted:

“The kingdom of God, you see is a paradox. While the world applauds achievement, God desires companionship. The world clamors, ‘Do more! Be ALL that you can be!’ But our Father whispers, ‘Be still and know that I am God.’ He isn’t looking as much for workers as he is looking for sons and daughters-a people to pour his life into.”

May we capture the moments of sitting at the feet of Jesus.