It’s What’s In The Heart

This season I watched  the competition “The Voice.” similar to ‘American Idle” in giving young singers a break in the music industry, I like the way “The Voice” chose their teams and contestants. In the beginning of the series of competition and voting, the singers audition before the judges/coaches but the judges/coaches have their back turned to the performer. This is done so that the judges/coaches hear the true talent and heart of the performer and not size them up according to their appearance. Also, through watching this show, the beautiful hearts of the performers and their stories were seen  more than the outward appearance.

These days, I hear so many moms of teen girls who struggle with their appearance. The girls want to fit in with the right clothes, and the list of the wants  go on  just to be accepted. Not only do the girls deal with this but guys do as well. I remember my son in middle school would not wear a certain pair of jeans on a Friday that he had worn earlier in the week despite the fact they had been washed. According to Drew,  was not cool to wear the same jeans twice in one week. This struggle of girls and guys struggling to fit in with the right clothes and among other things  has gone on for many generations.  My dad shares what it was like to be a red-head in the 1950’s and in the army. He took a good bit of teasing just because he had red hair!

Then, along with teens being self-conscious of their appearance, they also size up the new kid that walks into the group. Immediately, when a new teen comes in they are evaluated from the way they wear their hair down to the brand of the shoes they wear. 

We as adults are just as  guilty of sizing up people. We do this whether it is someone moving into our neighborhood, joining a group we attend or just by people watching. It is sad but a true fact.

Each human being that walks this earth is a Child of God. They are God’s creation and each person has God’s thumb print on them whether they realize it or not. Each one of us was not put here to judge people by what clothes we wear, what car we drive, neighborhood we live in, or how we look in general. But, we were put here to see the hearts of others. Just like the judges/coaches on the television show “The Voice”, we are to simply hear what the heart has to say not to judge their heart and soul by how they look. 

 We are called as Christians to exemplify the grace and love of Jesus Christ. We exemplify Christ-like love by putting all judgements aside. It is important for us to  listen to the hurts, anger and questions of others. We are to not only listen but we are to listen with non-judgemental hearts, ears and with unconditional love. 

I Samuel 16:7 says; But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.  I encourage  parents reading this to challenge your teen to look at the heart of the new guy/gal that may come into their group. Help them realize it is what is inside of a person that matters and not what they are wearing on the outside. Then, I also challenge the adults reading this post. Take a step back and reflect on how you receive people who are new in your group, work, or neighborhood. Reflect on how you see strangers when you are out and about. Then, as you start sizing them up realize that they are God’s child and seek what is in their heart. You will be amazed at how many beautiful people you will encounter.




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