Watch Your Step

The Monument Steps
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“Watch Your Step” is a common sign we see when we are out and about at a public venue. We sometimes see the sign, know what we need to do and yet we still miss the step! Then, there is embarrassment  as we  get up trying to act like nothing happened!

.  Proverbs 20:24 says; “A man’s steps are of the Lord, How then can man understand his own way?” As Christians, we are challenged with where we step every day.  God has given us many caution signs throughout scripture. The Ten Commandments are instructions on how we are to live and walk in our daily lives.  There are the parables that Jesus told that teach us about our faith walk. We know how we are to walk, where to watch our step but there are times when we still fall. Once we fall, we are sometimes embarrassed and don’t know how to move on. We just stand there with embarrassment.

As Christians, we know about the love, grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Though we may miss the step, He is there helping us get back up.  He brushes us off with His grace and encourages us to move on.  Also, we don’t have to be embarrassed or  pretend like nothing happened. Once we ask Christ to help us back up, we are covered by His grace and given a new slate.  We are able to get up, stand erect and walk confidently with Him.

As you journey out today in your faith walk, be sure to “Watch Your Step.” Commit each step to God and know He is there to pick you up when you do miss a step!



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