Watch Your Step

Image by Plbmak via Flickr[tweetmeme]   "Watch Your Step" is a common sign we see when we are out and about at a public venue. We sometimes see the sign, know what we need to do and yet we still miss the step! Then, there is embarrassment  as we  get up trying to act like... Continue Reading →


You Never Know What You Will Find In A Red Tool Box!

In about two weeks, our son, Drew will be getting married. Needless to say, we are busy putting together the rehearsal dinner. As part of the preparations, Jim and I sent invitations with a response card for those invited to let us know if the invited guest will attend or not. In the process of... Continue Reading →

Smile! It’s Just Another Day In Paradise!

One of Jim's and my favorite country songs is Phil Vassar's 'Just Another Day in Paradise.' In this song, Phil talks about all the things that go wrong at home but to just smile, laugh, love one another and keep moving forward. This summer has been 'another day in paradise' for the Hawkins' home. Our summer began... Continue Reading →

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