Life, Life, Life

In recent days and weeks, life has happened to the Hawkins’ home. It is like we get through one hurdle and then another one pops up out of no where. There are days when we just want to tell the world to stop so we can catch a breath and get a grip on all that is happening. Yet, the world does not stop.  Life goes on regardless of where we are in it. So, we take a deep breath and forward on to do  what is put before us. Some days it is best to take it all one step at a time and one day at a time. In these moments it is even more important to embrace our hand in the hand of God. It is from Him, where we draw our strength. Living life abundantly means being carved more into His image and into more of His perfection.

Yes, we are being carved more into His image when we have to rely on God for our strength.  When life comes abundantly, however, God has reminded me that we learn more about His grace and more of how to put His grace into practice. It is in living life abundantly where we become stronger in our faith and where our relationship with Christ grows even more.

So, has life been one hurdle after another hurdle? Does your list say; “work, work, work” with a response that is “life, life, life?” Are you ready to tell the world to stop so that you can get caught up? If so, stop, take the hand of God and let Him walk with you through it  one step at a time and one day at a time.  Then, as you walk with God through the hurdles one step at a time and one day at time, know that you are being molded more into His likeness and your relationship with Him grows stronger.

Christ came to give us life abundantly. And, it is in living and making it through the abundance of life that one day we will receive eternal life. In eternal life with our King, it will be a life of abundance far more than we could ever imagine.  It is going to be an awesome “life, life, life.”