The KING…….is still in the building

Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley better known as ‘The King of Rock n Roll’  is probably just as famous today if not more famous than when he was alive.  When I say he is just as or even more famous now, I can say it with confidence. I have a twenty-three year old niece who has been a huge Elvis fan all of her life. She and her dad have made pilgrimages to Graceland. She has many of his albums and I am sure she has a ‘few’ of his movies, too. 
 Being a child of the late sixties and growing up in the 70’s, I remember seeing Elvis perform on television and the ladies screaming and just wanting to touch him to say they touched him. Then, I remember hearing the news of his death on the evening of August 16, 1977. I was in the process of getting dressed to go out to dinner with friends from church when the news broke into whatever sporting event was on television to share the news of the ‘King’s” death. Oh, the heart breaks that went over the nation on this piece of news. Even today, the anniversary of his death is remembered for an entire week of Elvis movies on television and almost every radio on the airwaves will play an Elvis song in his memory.  Even to this day, you can pick up a tabloid magazine and somewhere there has been an Elvis sighting.
Yes, Elvis set the stage for rock-n-roll so that others like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber would only have to take the stage and change the rock-n-roll industry in not only in the areas of popularity but in music, too. But, when I think of a “KING”, I think of the one ‘true king.’  The one true king I speak of  knew how to draw a crowd. He had tax collectors climbing trees just to see Him. There were countless people who just wanted to touch his cloak. One lady in particular who had been bleeding for years, knew if she could only touch this ‘King’s” cloak that she would be healed.  She had  faith in this man who toured from town to town that in the midst of all the crowds. This lady was able to touch this man’s cloak and was healed! Oh, can you imagine how she danced her way home because she touched the “King”? I am confident there were shouts of praise and joy!
The King I speak of is the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  His Father’s book stays at the top of the best seller’s lists.  Yes, this ‘King’ is my king and I am His daughter. You are His daughter/son. He died on a cross for you, me for all our sins. He opened the door to the ultimate paradise so that we can be with our Creator.  There were dark clouds, the earth trembled and people mourned the day He was crucified. His death had a profound affect on the people of that day and on people of  today. We remember His life and death each year. This week of rememberance is Holy Week. But, we don’t just remember our King’s death, we remember what He did for us and that He did rise from the dead. On Easter, we celebrate the new life that our King gives us.
Yes, there were even sightings of Jesus after His death. Can you imagine what the front cover of a magazine would have been like back in that day. Headlines; “Christ crucified, dead and buried but there have been sightings of Him in the area.” First, Mary saw Him on the day of resurrection. Then, the disciples encountered Him on the Road to EmmausBut, when they first encountered Him they did not recognize Him. It was not until Jesus broke bread with them that their eyes were opened.   Jesus showed Himself to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias but they did not recognize Him until He instructed them to ‘cast their nets on the water.” 
When Christ ascended to heaven, He did not leave us totally alone.  But, He equipped the disciples, His followers/witnesses with the Holy Spirit to carry the gospel to all lands to all people. Though we may not see Christ in the physical sense, He is with us. Then, one day when the time is right, we will see Him on earth again!  In His coming, there will a new heaven and a new earth.  Elvis, performed many concerts and I am sure that he did many encores. Yet, all of his encores cannot and will not top the ultimate encore of Christ’s return.
At the end of Elvis’ concerts, the announcer would say; “Elvis has left the building.” This announcement is still used when the curtains come down on concerts and/or shows. We all have used this saying when tweeting, posting on Facebook or leaving someone a message as we leave from one destination to go to another. Elvis may have left the building but our precious ‘King of Kings’ is still in the building. He has never left us and He never will. ‘The KING is still in the building!”  Can’t you feel His holy presence?
May you experience His wonderful presence today and always.
Scriptures used for this post:
John 21-Jesus by the seaside telling the disciples to cast their nets
Luke 8:40-48 The woman of faith who wanted to be healed
Revelation 21:1-4 New Heaven and Earth
Acts 1:4-8 The Holy Spirit
John 16:12-15 The Holy Spirit
Luke 24:50-53 The Ascension
Acts 1:9-11 The Ascension
Luke 24:13-35 Road to Emmaus
Mark 16:9-11 Mary sees the Risen Lord

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