Renewal of the Soul and Heart


He leads me beside quiet waters, he restores my soul” (Psalm 23:2) is a scripture I have written in my heart. There is something about hearing a rippling brook, hearing the waves of the ocean, or the roaring sound of a waterfall that puts my spirit at peace. To me, besides waking up to birds singing, these sounds of water are the most beautiful music that God has created for me to hear.  The waters I am talking about are really not still but they still my heart and remind me of God’s grace, peace and love for me.

This is an unusual busy year for Jim and me. By the looks of my calendar, things won’t really slow down until late summer or early fall. A lot of what is on our calendar are fun and exciting milestones like our son getting married this summer, my Dad will be retiring, and my niece will marry in late summer. So much to celebrate and yet so much to do and add in with the already busy schedule we live. As I review my daily lists to do and schedule other necessary appointments, I begin to feel overwhelmed. Then, I realize that in a few weeks that I will get to sit by His waters, hear His music and get to breath in  a big God breath before the summer proceeds on with all that is ahead.

First, I will be in the Smokies where I will hear wonderful talent at the Gaither Family Festival.  A lot of food for the soul will be sung and shared. Along with hearing wonderful musicians and speakers, I will find the time to sit by one of the beautiful streams and hear the rippling of water and allow God to renew my spirit, speak to my heart and simply sit beside me. Then, I will leave from there and will go to another favorite place, Myrtle Beach, SC.

When I am at the beach, I like to find a place on the beach or boardwalk and simply watch the waves come in and go out. They remind me of breathing. We breath in and we breath out. They remind me of what we do each and every day and how God can bring into our lives what we need. God washes away the wrongs and the things that are not necessary.  It will be through the ocean breeze I will feel His breath of renewal. 

Then, the time will come when I will have to pack up and head back to the world of reality. The lists, the phone calls, the appointments, and other commitments will still be before me. I know that there will be days where I wonder if I can come up for air. But, it will be on those days when I will reflect how He sits beside me by still waters and how He restores my soul. When I envision sitting by the sounds of His rippling brook or ocean waves, I breath in the breath of Christ and I know all will be okay.

When things get too busy in your life, I encourage you to find your place with God. Find your still waters where He can restore your soul.  When you do this, you will soon realize the tasks, the list and commitments are not so hard to handle. He is your strength. “He  will restore your soul.” (Psalm 23:2 paraphrased) And, be reminded of His wonderful love and grace!



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