Passing The Torch

Olympic Flame 12

“Let light shine out of darkness.” 2 Corinthians 4:6

Every four years, we get all excited because the most spectacular sporting event takes place with world-class athletes. This event is known as the Olympics. As preparations are made for the Olympics the excitement and build up to the competitions is the torch being carried from city to city across the world until it arrives at its destination of the host city. Once the torch with the flame arrives to its destination, cheers and applause echo in lieu of what is about to take place in the days ahead.

In the yard of Winterville United Methodist Church, Winterville, Georgia,  forty-seven years ago, my Dad accepted a call to carry a torch. This torch was the flame of Jesus Christ, God’s grace, and love. As he took hold of this torch he also accepted the Great Commission of becoming a disciple and in the process making others disciples for Christ. For forty-seven years, my father has taken this torch from church to church and community to community sharing the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

On June 19, 2011, my father will hand the torch over to the new disciples to carry on with spreading Good News! Although, he will be handing over the ‘official torch’, I am confident that Dad will continue to carry the torch of God’s grace and love into the next phase of his life. Just as the Olympic torch is never put out, neither is the torch for Jesus Christ.

Once the  ultimate flame for Christ is lit within the depths of the soul, it desires to be shared and passed on. Yes, many years ago my Dad accepted the challenge to carry the torch for Jesus Christ. But, it is not only up to our ministers to make sure the flame for Jesus Christ to stay lit and passed on. It is up to each of us as followers of Christ to carry that flame and light the lives of others with the message of Christ’s love and grace. There is no doubt that there are cheers in heaven each time the torch for Christ is lit and passed to another person’s life and soul.

Just as my Dad accepted his call many years ago in a small church, there are many who are being called to carry Christ’s torch and this will continue until it is time for the most spectacular and awesome event takes place. This event is known as Christ coming back to earth to claim His champions.

Dr. CR Hill, Jr

Congratulations to my father for his forty-seven years of ministry. May he know that as he says his last ‘official Amen’ on June 19th that his family along with other believers proudly picks up the torch and carries it out into the world continuing to share the love and grace of Christ. There is no greater honor!