More Than Enough


"He calms the storms. So that its waves are still." Psalm 107:29

For the last two weeks, our city has been hit by rain and  storm warnings. This morning as I read through Facebook posts I saw how people were exhausted from having to get up in the night to seek a safe place as well as nerves just being frayed.  We have grown tired of looking at nothing but meteorologist on television and for those of us who receive thunder calls, we are tired of the relationship established by phone between us and the meteorologist who calls us up with the message” Hello, there is a thunderstorm warning for your neighborhood” or “Hello, there is a tornado warning now for your neighborhood. Please seek shelter immediately, stay away from windows and go to your basement or interior area of your home.” 

 Going through these storms the last couple of weeks, made me think of the storms in life. These storms may be illness, financial issues, relationship problems, work situations, addictions, and countless others. Just as our nerves have been frayed and as we prop our eyes open with massive amounts of coffee and/or toothpicks as a result of being up at night with the storms, frayed nerves and exhaustion does set in with life’s storms. It gets to the point for some that we want to just cry out and say “enough!”

Tired and weary were the disciples on the night Jesus told them “Let us cross to the other side”(Mark 4:35). As they began to cross the Sea of Galilee, a storm quickly came upon them. Their boat being tossed, waves smashing against them, and nerves becoming frayed, the disciples questioned if Jesus cared. While the storm crashed and tossed their boat, Jesus slept without a care in the world. Then, the disciples woke Jesus up asking “Teacher, don’t you care if we drown?” ( Mark 4:38) At this  point, I am sure the disciples were just like us when we are in the eye of a storm they had enough!

Though the disciples were frighten and afraid that they would drown in this storm, Jesus got up and rebuked the storm. He simply said “Quiet! Be still! As Jesus rebuked the storm the winds died down and it was completely calm. Turning to His disciples, Jesus asked why they had been so afraid and where was their faith. ( 4:39-41)

A tornado warning was given with it just being myself and our black lab, Tori at home. As I began to grab my radio, flashlight, putting on my shoes, putting my cell phone in my pocket, and directing Tori to go to our safe spot, I was frightened. Then, I remembered my dad once reminding me of this scripture of where Jesus made the winds quiet and He made peace be still as we would ride  out  storms in my childhood days. As I recalled this childhood lesson, I prayed and asked God to let the winds be still and to keep me safe. While praying this prayer for safety, I felt the arms of Jesus holding me and calming me down and reminding me I was not alone.

Yes, it has been a couple of weeks of actual storms that required us all to take cover.  These will not be the last of the physical storms that we will face in our lifetime and there will be other storms in life that we will go through. Yet, it is important to remember that we do not go through any of these storms alone. Jesus is there with us. He will hold us and keep us calm as we ride through the winds. Then, the winds will die down and  peace will come.  When we are given the all clear, our hearts will be more at peace, we will have grown closer with our Saviour as well as in our faith, and we will appreciate all the more what God has provided us. It will be more than enough!


May peace be still and your faith become even greater in your life!