He Wiped Our Walls Clean

Hallelujah! He Has Wiped Our Walls Clean!



Whew! What a week! It has been a week of all thumbs, two left feet, list on top of list to-do and Murphy’s Law! As I experienced left feet, thumbs, Murphy’s Law and worked my way through the list, I reminded myself to practice what I preach and to SMILE just as I had encouraged my readers in my blog Smile. Then, just as I had thought I had smiled my way through it all the point of my wits end, I decided to try taking a few things off my Facebook Wall.

While going through old posts on my Wall, I thought I had hit Remove Post, when, in fact, I had deleted my entire Wall! “Yikes!” I said to myself as I tried to recover what I had done. Then, I realized that there was no undoing what I had done. All was gone and there sat a clean and blank Wall.  Upset at my mishap, I called my son Drew, the Social Media guru who, in my eyes, can fix anything when it comes to a social media uh-oh’s.  Drew did give it a try to undo what I had done but this is one time I had him stumped and his reply was ‘I don’t know what you did but don’t do it again! I’m stumped!” My reply to him was ‘yes sir!’

After learning that I had made it impossible for some posts to re-appear on my wall, I was upset. Being the compulsive person I am, I kept trying to retrieve what had been hidden. Yet, no matter what I did, nothing worked.  While getting frustrated with myself and taking it out on the computer, this post came to me. I had been experiencing a little writer’s block.

Sitting there staring at my clean Wall, I realized God was teaching and reinforcing another lesson for me. The lesson was that I had cleaned up my Wall and there was no going back, no retrieving what I had done on former days, and all I could do was move on and start at where I was at that given moment.

My Wall being wiped clean was a symbol of how God’s forgiveness works in our lives.  When we ask for forgiveness, He wipes our slate clean and there is no going back with Him and no retrieving what was done.  It is through Christ’s forgiveness that we are to leave behind what has happened and move forward in our faith journey.  Our slates have been wiped clean.

Yet, Satan likes to push our buttons. It frustrates him to no end when we put the past behind and move forward in our faith journey. That is one of his greatest weapons to our souls.  He wants us to try to go back and retrieve those things God has wiped clean. Satan wants to drudge up those old thoughts and feelings of guilt. When this happens, we have a choice. The choice is either to be like me sitting there trying to unhide what had been hidden on my wall or to accept that the Wall has been wiped clean which means a new beginning.

Tomorrow, we celebrate the Risen Saviour. It is this past week of Holy Week and tomorrow that reminds us of God’s wonderful grace. We are reminded that it is through Christ’s sacrifice that we are forgiven. Our slate is wiped clean.  There is no need to go back and retrieve what was done yesterday.

God knows all too well that the incidents of this week thoroughly iced my cake. Through these trials, however, He also showed me that through my attentiveness to Him and to His voice, in ALL things there are opportunities to make my faith stronger. Thus, my writer’s block was no more and I was able to move on.

Easter Sunday is tomorrow. As you celebrate the Risen Christ, realize that through His death and ressurection that your are forgiven. There is no need to sit there and allow Satan to succeed in undoing what Christ has done. Furthermore, stay in constant communication with God, because you just never know. There may come a time when you have had a week of two left feet, all thumbs, list on top of list to accomplish, Murphy’s Law, and then the least little thing to ice your cake. It is in those moments when God has a lesson that He wants us to learn or reinforce.

So, how clean is your Wall? Have you allowed Him to wipe it totally clean or are you allowing Satan to encourage you to try to undo what God has done for you?  In the midst of all chaos, have you heard the voice of God remind you of His grace? Remember Philippians 3:13 Brother’s I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting  what is behind and straining forward toward what is ahead.”

I wish each and everyone a blessed Easter and many clean Walls!