Good Night John Boy

The Waltons
"At the same time, says the LORD, I will be the God of all the families of Israel, and they shall be my people." Jeremiah 31:1

The Waltons a television show of the past that Hallmark has brought back. Stories of a simpler time, reminders of what it meant to really live on faith and lean on God. The most memorable character outside the famous Baldwin sisters was John Boy. John Boy was the writer in the family who would sit in front of his bedroom window writing about his family as he watched them carry on with daily living. This family stood together in the test of trials and they celebrated the joys and triumphs of life.

God, the creator of  our great big world. As He created each living thing, He would smile and say “it is good.” He, too, writes from His window as He looks down at his family carrying on with their daily activities. Yet, the times aren’t simple as in the times of The Waltons.  People aren’t loving each other like He wants them to. Many people have forgotten or simply don’t know how to lean on their faith and trust Him. 

You are a child of God and daughter or son of the King. You were created to bring joy to God.  Not only are you a child of God and created to bring joy to God, but God created you to be a person for Him to write in His Book of Life.  When you are tested, He wants you to come to Him, lean on Him,  and allow Him to take you through the trial and be there when all is said and done. God also wants to be there to share your joys, triumphs and all that you have to celebrate in life.

When we come to know Jesus and accept Him into our lives, we are part of one great big family. Just as the Waltons sat at their long dinner table at night sharing hopes, dreams and praying together, God has an even bigger table for us to come sit with Him. At His table, we can share our hopes, dreams and pray together as a family with God the Father sitting at the head.  Some of us don’t come from very big families but knowing that we are part of a bigger family when Jesus comes into our hearts just can’t get any better!

The Waltons invited us into their homes each week. We watched and felt their hurts, trials and joys. John Boy would narrate to us the lessons learned from the scenes we had just observed. Once we had visited their home for the week, it was time for the family to say good night. Remember, each would tell the other good night but John Boy was always  the last to be told good night with his light being the last to be turned out? All of us at some point and time have gone to bed telling each person good night and eventually someone would yell ‘good night John Boy!’

 Each night, we tell our family members good night. I know most of us end the day with prayers thanking God for bringing us through another day and giving Him our cares so that we can sleep.  Yes, God should be the last person in our family we say good night to at the close of the day. So, tonight when you tell each family member good night, remember to tell God good night and thank Him for bringing you through another day. But realize that when you say ‘good night’ to God that His light will not turn off. His light is on watching over you as you rest in His care.



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